If you ever detailed a car, you know what struggle it is to clean air vents. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to clean them thoroughly. To make it easier for you, I decided to write this article and show you how

using a drill to polish a car, car detailing planet

Many car detailers who are weekend warriors don’t have a machine polisher. Hence, most people have a drill at home, which is great for various jobs. But, is it good for car polishing? Can you use a drill to polish

what's the best brush to clean car leather seats, leather seat brushes, car detailing

What’s the best brush for cleaning dirty leather seats in your car? Cleaning dirty leather seats with inappropriate brushes may destroy them, especially if used over a long time. To prevent that, you should choose high-quality brushes designed specifically for

do you have to polish a car before waxing, car detailing, should you

Do you want to wax your car to get that glossy look, or to get water beads as in the image above? You have probably heard car detailers saying that before waxing, you should polish your car. Is it really

machine polishing, should you polish or compound your car

Car owners often get in critical situations where decisions have to be made from two or more options. An example is when you want to know if you should polish or compound your car. At this time, there is usually

how to clean car pedals and footrest, car detailing planet

Even though cleaning the footrest, car clutch, brake, and gas pedals seem very easy. It can cause you many problems when detailing. The gas pedal’s grooves and crevices are like dust and dirt magnets. Read through this article, and find

best cordless drills for car detailing, car detailers,

Many car detailing jobs require cordless drills, especially for seat removal, deep cleaning, or just using drill brush attachments to get the dirt out of the carpets and seats. Whether you are a car detailing professional or want to conduct

What Size Air Compressor is The Best For Mobile Auto Detailing, car detailing

Buying the right size air compressor for your mobile auto detailing business is very important. However, there are many different opinions when it comes to this topic. To help you, I decided to thoroughly research this topic and find out

I’ve seen many people making mistakes when cleaning and protecting the car’s steering wheel. The steering wheel is full of body oils and other specks of dirt and needs to be maintained. Today I’m going to be showing you how

microfiber vs cotton towels for car detailing, which one should you use, car detailing planet

Even small choices like the towels can be a game-changer in boosting customer satisfaction and saving time, as well as maintaining the safety of the car. Today I’m gonna be talking about the differences between microfiber and cotton towels, and

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