Car Detailing Planet is full of useful tips and tricks you can follow to learn how to care for your car’s interior and exterior.

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How-To Guides

Car Detailing Planet is full of useful how-to guides that show you how to clean your car’s interior and exterior, how to do paint correction, how to apply waxes, and more.

Product Recommendations

High-quality auto detailing products make it easier for you to clean vehicles, and that’s why we only recommend the best and proven products that are guaranteed to work.

Product Reviews

We often write reviews of products so you can get a thorough insight into each car detailing product, how it works, and whether is it worth the money.

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The Guy Behind…

I’m Petar Dzaja, a car enthusiast who likes washing, cleaning, and maintaining my cars. Even in my younger days, I would wash my dad’s car weekly to ensure it was clean enough.

Now, after owning five vehicles already, I have learned many interesting things about detailing and maintaining them.

Of course, it wasn’t always like that. In the beginning, I made many mistakes, just as any beginner did. However, I watched Youtube tutorials all the time, went to a few detailing shops, read blogs, etc. Just to learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques for detailing cars to perfection.

I still don’t know everything, but I’m always learning new things and also sharing them with you as I learn.

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