6 SIMPLE Tips To Follow When Washing a Black Car

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Everybody knows washing black cars isn’t as simple as with different car colors. Even though a black car color is one of the most adored colors, it requires more attention to detail. Today I’ll show you six tips you should follow when washing a black car. That way, you’ll always get spotless results, even if you have to wash a black car in the sun.

You might say that these are the tips we shall follow on all cars, and YES, you’re right. However, the point is that black color shows everything, and we just need to be more careful and detailed when doing a wash.

Without further ado, let’s see those tips!

6 Tips For Washing a Black Car

1. Work Out Of Direct Sunlight

As I said earlier, most of these tips you should follow for all car colors. However, why am I mentioning this now when it’s usual for all cars?

Black is the color that attracts the sun and the heat in general. It absorbs heat much faster and harder than any other color.

With that being said, a black colored car will dry much faster, and you should be aware of it when washing the car. 

If you are washing in direct sunlight, two problems may occur:

  1. Chemicals (shampoo, etc.) used for washing may dry on the paint
  2. Rinse water may dry on the paint


Chemicals, such as shampoo or snow foam, may dry on the paint and cause you trouble. It’s important to never let any chemicals dry out, and you have to be quick enough to wash them before drying.

Rinse Water

When you’re finished shampooing and rinsing all the shampoo, it’s important to dry the car as soon as possible. My best advice for you is to use microfiber drying towels which will give you the best results. You can check the best drying towel for black cars here.

2. Pre-Wash Is Essential

Usually, when washing a car, you can go with clean water and just pre-wash your car. That way, you’ll remove most of the dirt, bugs, etc. 

However, when washing a black car, it’s better to pre-wash it with some kind of lubricant. Snow Foam is the best solution. Snow Foam will loosen all the dirt and make it easier for you to rinse it off with clean water.

After that, you can continue using some shampoo, just as with any other car.

3. Wash The Car In Smaller Sections If It’s Very Hot Outside

The worst thing you can do is to try to wash a car at once, especially if you are working on a hot day. I advise you to separate your car into a few sections and then wash it section by section with shampoo.

I like to split it in half. Wash the left side first, and then go to the right side. That way, you’ll reduce any chances of drying out too early.

Also, always wash your car from top to bottom to ensure you don’t scratch the surface with some specks of dirt from the lower areas of the car.

If you don’t have a choice and have to do it in direct sunlight, this is the way you shall go. There’s always a solution, so keep that in mind.

4. Change The Water in Your Rinse Bucket More Often

You know what I always say, what’s the best car wash method? 3 BUCKET METHOD. 

And I really mean that word by word. But since black cars are different to wash, we can always make some improvements to get the best results.

When washing a black car, I like to change the water in the rinse bucket more often. Even though the grit guard prevents dirt from sticking to your wash mitt, it’s better to change the water more often.

That way, you’ll reduce any risks of dirt-trapping to the wash mitt to zero. Remember, clean water is one of the most important things when washing any car, especially the black one.

5. Only Do Straight Moves With Your Wash Mitt

I have to admit that I barely know any car that doesn’t have swirl marks on the paint. Mostly, it’s because of the wrong car wash method. People often do circular moves when washing a car because they’ll clean dirt much faster.

When washing a car, you have to make sure that you won’t make any swirls on the clear coat. 

You’ll reduce any chances of making swirls on the clear coat by doing straight moves only. As I said, the black color shows everything, and you have to be very careful. 

I want you to remember one thing; it’s not your job to scrub the surface so hard to take all the dirt off. Your job is to use high-quality chemicals that will loosen dirt enough to easily go away with your wash mitt. 

If there’s some dirt stuck on the paint, use more shampoo or foam to loosen it even more. Don’t ever scrub the paint in order to clean some dirt.

6. Dry The Car As Soon As Possible

You’re not the only one; this happens to everyone, especially if you go to the self-car wash service.

If you don’t dry the car quickly enough, this could happen:

  • The car won’t be as shiny,
  • Water spots will appear on the paint,
  • Dust will stick to the paint.

A few times, I let my girlfriend go to a self-car wash service and wash my car. The results were awful. 

I could immediately see water spots and dust on the paint, even though she had washed it like 10 minutes ago. 


Because she didn’t dry it. She just washed it and let it dry naturally. By the time car dries, dust sticks to the paint, and it’s kind of dirty again.

Water spots can sometimes be very hard to clean. The best way is to prevent them even from appearing on the paint. You’ll do that with the proper drying of the car.

6 tips to follow When Washing a Black Car Infographic


Even if you are completely new in the detailing world, don’t be afraid of washing. It’s not rocket science. 

We’re all people, and we’re all making mistakes. But it’s important to learn new things and always improve yourself.

Black cars are harder to wash, but still, following these steps, it’s a piece of cake. There is also a bunch of videos on YouTube that will make it even easier for you to learn.

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