5 Best Car Window Cleaning Tools

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cleaning equipment for car windows

Aside from automotive window cleaners, if you want to ease the process of cleaning glass surfaces on your car, you should consider buying some window cleaning tools that will help you with that.

In this post, I’ll share my favorite tools and equipment for cleaning car windows. These tools help me to remove stubborn stains quickly, get the perfect clarity, reach corners more easily, and more.

1. Microfiber Waffle Towels

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Waffle towels are my number one most important tool for cleaning all glass surfaces on cars. While other types of microfiber towels may also work great, it’s not anywhere close to waffle towels.

Waffle towels help me to clean dirt from glass more easily because they aren’t as soft as other types of microfiber cloths, so I can remove even stubborn dirt from glass surfaces. That’s especially important when I’m cleaning vape film or bird droppings from car windows.

2. Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths

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Microfiber glass cleaning cloths have flattened fibers, which prevent leaving any lint on glass and window surfaces. They’re not as fluffy as typical microfiber towels.

I prefer using glass cleaning cloths for buffing the glass after I clean it with a waffle towel. I’ve found this method to provide me with the best results and clear, streak-free glass.

My favorite glass cleaning towel is the one from Detailer’s Preference (check above). One side of the towel is completely flat, while the other side has lines, so it can even be used instead of a waffle towel. That’s great for quick cleaning: clean with one side and then buff with another one.

3. Extendable Windshield Cleaner Tool

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The windshield is the toughest window to clean inside any car. It’s hard to reach all those corners properly because the dashboard and steering wheel often impede you from moving freely with your hands.

That’s why I love using extendable windshield cleaner tools. They have a long, extendable handle, and on top is a triangular microfiber towel, which enables you to clean all corners of the windshield easily.

While all these tools are pretty similar, I like the one from Astro AI (check above) the best because it feels the sturdiest, and they provide you with high-quality microfiber cloths that will last long. It also has a detachable wand, which I prefer because of the organization inside my storage containers.

4. Magic Eraser Sponges

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original Cleaning Pads with Durafoam, White, 6 Count
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Sometimes, car glass is full of contaminants and water spots, and that’s when I prefer using a magic eraser sponge. It’s slightly abrasive yet safe for glass, and by using it, I’m able to clean even the dirtiest glass.

When there’s a need to use a magic eraser sponge, I always use it with an all-purpose cleaner. That way, it has much better cleaning properties and will leave the glass spotless. Of course, after using a magic sponge, I finish with a basic car window cleaning process.

While there are tons of cheap magic eraser sponges out there, I only trust the ones from Mr. Clean (check above). They’re best and last considerably longer than similar products, and are perfectly safe for glass. Do note that you should only use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge Originals since other types may be too abrasive for the glass.

5. Chamois Cloth For Cars

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While I don’t recommend Chamois for drying car paint, I’ve had a fantastic experience with it on car windows.

When I’m in a rush and don’t have time to detail my car completely, I just go to a self-service car wash and quickly wash the car over there. In those situations, after drying the car, I always use chamois cloth for cars to dry the exterior windows on my vehicle.

The finish I achieve by wiping the glass with chamois is outstanding, and the result is always the streak-free result. The good thing about chamois is that it’s easy to squeeze all the water it absorbs, and you can just put it in your trunk and have it with you all the time.

My personal favorite is the Amazon Basic Synthetic Chamois Pack (check above). It has a great price, you get 2 pieces in the pack, each in its own plastic cover. That way, you can keep them in the trunk worry-free. They’re also machine washable and can be used dozens of times, meaning that you probably won’t have to buy new ones for a few years.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning car windows isn’t hard, yet many people have problems with achieving perfect clarity and streak-free finish. I think that the answer lies in using the right tools and products, and I believe that the products I mentioned above will help you in literally every situation and every condition of car windows.

It’s always great to have some additional tools in your detailing arsenal so you’re ready for the worst and dirtiest vehicles.

If you want to learn all the steps I make when cleaning car windows, don’t forget to check out my guide on How To Clean Car Windows Like a Pro. I’m sure you’ll learn something new there.

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