How To Easily Restore Faded Plastic Trim On Your Car

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easily restore faded plastic trim on your car with cerakote ceramic coating

If you own a car that’s more than 7-8 years old, there’s a big chance that the black plastic trim is already fading. Today I decided to show you how to easily restore faded plastic trim in less than an hour. 

To restore faded trim on your car, you must thoroughly wash it and let it dry and cool. After that, you shall apply a high-quality car trim restorer, let it sit for 30 minutes, and the plastics should be restored.

There are a ton of various products out there that promise “like new” results and amazing durability. 

However, most of those products don’t even last 5 days. That’s a piece of really misleading information in their marketing. I don’t want you to apply plastic trim restores every few days, so I decided to dig in and search for the best product for this purpose.

I have found a great product to restore plastic trim (especially black) that will look like a new one, last long, provide the best UV protection, and repel water. I just had to share it with you, so let’s go straight to the point.

The Best Car Plastic Trim Restorer: Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat Kit

CERAKOTE Ceramic Trim Coat Kit (check the price now) is the first ceramic coating kit to restore a faded plastic trim on vehicles.

The Package Includes:

  • 10 pre-moistened wipes for applying the product
  • Gloves to wear when applying

This trim restorer is totally different than other similar products. It’s not the dressing like the others, but it’s a ceramic coating that won’t get washed off after the first couple of washes. 

Manufacturers claim that it will last 200 washes or 2 years, and they also offer 2 years guarantee on their product.

Also, it won’t be greasy, so it will not attract dirt and grime from the road, as well as bugs. 

The water repellence and the UV protection of this product are just amazing and will last longer than any other similar product.

How To Restore Black Plastic Trim On Car: 4 Easy Steps

Let’s see how to apply this product to the car’s plastic trim properly. Also, even with these steps, make sure to again read the instructions on the package.

Step #1 – Thoroughly Wash Plastic Trim On Your Car

Well, preparation is always the key to getting the best results. Before you can apply this product, you must thoroughly wash the plastic trim on the car. 

It’s important to use a wax-free shampoo, which won’t make any new layer on the trim. If you use wax shampoos, this ceramic trim restorer won’t bond to the trim properly, and you’ll mess the whole job up.

To get even better results, before washing, use some bug and tar remover, so you are 100% sure that the area is perfectly clean.

Step #2 – Dry The Trim

After you have washed the trim, it’s important to let it completely dry off. 

Also, try to keep your car out of direct sunlight because the trim should also be cool when applying the product. 

Until the car is completely dry, don’t proceed to step 3.

Step #3 – Apply The Cerakote Trim Restorer

When the trim is completely dry and cool, it’s time to apply the trim restorer. 

First things first, when applying this product, always use gloves from the pack. Now, take the pre-moistured wipe and start applying it to the trim. Take your time, and don’t rush. It’s important to be patient and apply this product evenly to all areas.

When needed, open a new wipe and continue applying the product. 

One packaging should be more than enough to apply this coating to all the trim on your car.

Step #4 – Let It Dry For 30 Minutes

When you apply this product to the trim, it’s important to let it dry for about 30 minutes. During that time, ensure not to moisten your car or drive it around a block. 

You’re Done. You should now have successfully restored the plastic trim on your car. 

Is This Car Plastic Restorer Really So Good?

Just check the Amazon reviews, and you’ll see. However, there are some “bad” reviews of this product.

I think that people just didn’t follow the exact instructions (didn’t apply enough of the product or didn’t let it completely dry out after an application).

Check out the video below, where the most popular plastic trim restorers are compared, and the Cerakote Trim Restorer is an absolutely winner.

I don’t want to say that all those other products are junk, but maybe they are better just for protecting plastic trim that still looks good. When it comes to restoring, this is the ultimate winner, I think.

Why Does The Plastic Trim Fade?

You may wonder why the trim fade.

The answer is pretty simple – the car trim doesn’t have such protection as car paint. Also, people often don’t pay as much attention to the trim as they pay to the paint (they apply waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, etc.)

Here are the most important reasons for faded trim: 

  • The age of the car – with time, plastic trim will lose its shine and will start fading. This is completely normal and will happen to every car.
  • Quality of the plastics used – not every car manufacturer uses the same type and quality of plastic. On “cheaper” cars, you can expect trim to start fading sooner.
  • UV – The Sun is always the biggest reason for faded trim. Non-protected plastic will easily start to fade without any UV protection. Even the car paint will start to fade if there’s no protective layer (clearcoat).
  • Road grime and salt will also speed up the fading process of the car’s plastic trim. 

How To Prevent Trim From Fading?

To prevent plastic car trim from fading, you should apply some protection as soon as possible. 

You need to know that there’s no permanent solution to aging. You just need to take care of your trim as much as possible, which will, in the end, extend its life.

If your trim is still not faded, products like this TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer (check the price now) will be great to offer your trim a nice layer of protection.


Taking care of car trim is as important as taking care of any other car part. 

If you neglect it, it’ll quickly fade, and your car will look older and lose its value. Using the right products at the right time will keep your car brand-new for a long, long time. I hope that now you know how to make faded plastic look new, and that you’ll be able to restore it quickly.

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