How To Keep Your TVS Bike in Good Condition in The Rainy Season?

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TVS bikes are one of the favorites among Indian bikers. People looking to buy a new bike always check out the TVS bike models before they make up their final decision. The company enjoys a loyal following of bike enthusiasts. According to the article published by Business Standard, “TVS Motor Company registered sales of 250,933 units in December 2021”.

With the growing number of TVS bike owners, the queries of maintaining the bike performance and condition also are in plenty. If you are also one among looking to find the right measures to keep your TVS bike in good condition in the rainy season, relax, we have got you covered!

The rainy season, however pleasant, might not be ideal for your bike. From rust, slippery roads, tire issues, and much more, rains can cause trouble for any bike owner.

Keeping Your Bike in Good Condition: The Guide

Here are the handy tips to keep your TVS bike models in good condition:

1. Anti-rust layer

You can either consult with your local mechanic or visit the registered service center to know about the anti-rust layer which keeps rust away. The bike chain should always be well lubricated for efficient operations. Over time when the bike is exposed to rain, the rusted bike pars start to disintegrate which can cause you hefty replacement charges. Also, rusted bike components can cause safety issues.

2. Check the tyres

Check the tire pressure to maintain it to optimum levels. Not just in the rainy season but make it a habit to regularly check the bike tire pressure for a safe ride.

Also, if you notice any tread wear or worn-out tires, get them replaced in consultation with the mechanic to prevent the risk of skidding on roads. Make sure not to apply tire shine products to motorcycle tires, since it may cause them to lose traction while riding. Many a time, people tend to ignore the tires and when moving around the city in rains experience unfortunate accidents.

3. Park your bike in right place with ample cover

Do not park at places with higher water levels. Waterlogging and continuous rain pouring affect the electric components and even the bike tires. Keep a bike raincoat handy at your place and make sure that if the bike is exposed to rains, you cover it in due time to prevent any damage to the bike.

4. Maintain brakes

When exposed to high rainfall, there are chances that the brakes might not function to their optimum levels. Brakes pads are more susceptible to being affected by rains, so make sure you get them serviced before the rainy season. Also, when moving around the city on a bike in rainy conditions do not try to overspeed as sudden braking might not be as effective as in normal conditions.

It is all about being proactive in your approach to ensure that all the above-mentioned issues are well sorted out in advance. There are times when bike owners do not pay much heed to bike servicing and maintenance, and as a result, end up with an issue or two with their bike.


Irrespective of it is a rainy season or not, it is better to go for regular bike servicing. With regular bike servicing, you can easily take care of all the above-mentioned points to enjoy a safe ride.

Also, as a precursor to the rainy or monsoon season, opt for the right insurance package as well to cover the cost of repairs, etc. as mentioned in the warranty package. Check out the policy tenure and get it renewed if the policy renewal date is close.

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