how to clean foggy hazy headlights on the car

Not only that foggy headlights aren’t nice to see on the car, but they can also reduce your visibility during the night drive. Today I decided to show you a quick guide for cleaning foggy headlights, and give them like-a-new

clean car windows like a pro, windshield, side windows, rear window

Photo by: Lewis Jake Cleaning car windows, especially windshields, is a nightmare for all car owners. Everyone’s trying to achieve perfect shine, clarity, and a streak-free result. Unfortunately, people usually get the opposite. Today I’m going to show you how

wet and dry vacuum, how to turn shop vac into carpet extractor

Many people out there, especially weekend warriors don’t have a carpet extractor. Even though it’s a great thing, it could cost you a lot. Today I’m going to show you how to turn your shop vac into carpet extractor. Don’t

how to protect car from the sun and heat tips

Photo by: Lewis Jake Just as the Sun’s UV rays are bad for our bodies, they are also harmful to the car. To maintain the car well, and to keep that fresh new look, we have to protect it. Today

29 most common car detailing mistakes to avoid

Making mistakes is completely normal. Everyone does them from time to time, especially in the car detailing job. To help you avoid doing them, I decided to show you the 29 most common car detailing mistakes. Doing some of the

15 car detailing youtube channels you should subscribe to

Hi detailing addicts, today I decided to write a different kind of article. Since I follow plenty of car detailing Youtube channels, I decided to share the best ones with you. Today I’m going to show you 15 car detailing

follow these 6 steps when washing a black car, black car bmw wash

Everybody knows washing black cars isn’t as simple as with different car colors. Even though a black car color is one of the most adored colors, it requires more attention to details. Today I’m going to speak about 6 tips

why are black cars so hard to wash and keep clean

I assume that most of you’ll agree with me when I say that black cars are something beautiful. There’s nothing nicer than a clean shiny black car. However, when it comes to washing and keeping the black car clean, things

automatic car wash service dangers

Many of you (including me) have washed their cars at the automatic car wash at least once. Yes, lack of time and attractive prices are the number one reasons for using an automatic car wash service. You need to be

3 buckets: wash, rinse and wheels

You have probably heard some car detailers mentioning a 3 bucket method or even a 2 bucket method. Today, I decided to speak about 3 bucket method and why it’s the best method for a safer car wash. 3 Bucket

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