keep car interior clean on dirt road

During the Summer, I often go to my friend’s Caffe bar which is on the beach. To get there, I have to pass around 2 miles of unpaved dirty road. Every time I went there, my car interior was full

cover car scratches with stickers

A friend of mine bought his wife a very cheap car when she got her driver’s license. It was with a purpose, since she wasn’t the best driver at that moment, so she was scratching that tiny Fiat Uno every

how to dry car seats in winter

A few months ago, my friend had a bad experience with one local washing service, they didn’t dry his car seats enough. It’s wintertime, so he thought it’s not their fault, but it is. In this article, I’m going to

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I’m Petar Dzaja. Since I bought my first car, I was always taking care of it. I just like when my car looks shiny and clean. A few years ago I started driving Uber and making money with it. During that period, I went through a lot of situations such as dirty car interior, exterior, some scratches and more. To avoid expensive cleanings and repairs, I had to learn things on my own. This is the site where I share everything I learned.

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