Top 10 Reasons To Apply Paint Protection on Your Car

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Whether your car is old or new, you should apply paint protection to the car’s paint. Today, I’ll show you the ten best reasons to apply paint protection to your vehicle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Paint protection keeps your car in pristine condition.
  • It helps to prevent damage from external factors such as bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays, etc.
  • It’ll be easier to wash and maintain your car.
  • You’ll sell your car more easily.

1. Car Paint Will Look Incredible

shiny old car

Paint protectants don’t work as protectants only. They also enhance the appearance of your car’s color by adding shine and gloss.

That’s especially important for black-colored vehicles since they show everything. If they’re dirty, they look filthy, but they look immaculate and glossy if they’re clean.

Natural carnauba waxes are best for the car’s appearance. That’s why many people on car shows are using them as the no.1 paint protectant.

2. Preventing Damage From Sun’s UV Rays

Everybody knows that the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the Sun are dangerous. They’re hazardous to our skin, and so are our cars. 

UV rays destroy the clear coat on the car, and they cause paint to fade and oxidize.

When the paint protection is applied, it’ll reflect all the UV rays off of your car so that they don’t damage the clear coat.

3. Preventing Water Spots

Water spots can occur on car paint for various reasons. They mostly appear because of improper washing (and drying) and rain.

Water spots may permanently damage your paint by etching into the clear coat and making your car look full of dried white spots. Removing water spots from the vehicle can be very hard and expensive.

Adding a layer of protection (wax, sealant, or ceramic coating) will prevent water spots from ruining your paint.

4. Preventing Chemical Stains

Mainly, chemical stains occur on your vehicle when some acidic stuff, such as bird poops or acidic rain, falls onto your car. 

Those are potent chemicals, and they’re slowly burning through the clear coat and damaging your paint.

When you have paint protection on your vehicle, those chemicals will easily slip off the surface, not damaging the paint.

5. Keeping Contaminants Off The Paint

Dirt, dust, road grime, tar, bugs, and all other contaminants stick to the car paint, and sometimes it’s tough to wash them off.

A few days ago, I was driving more than 120mph on a highway, and you can imagine how many bugs were in my car. Luckily, my car was waxed, and they came off quickly.

When you wax, seal, or ceramic coat your vehicle, those contaminants won’t stick to the paint, and they’ll quickly come off when you wash your car.

6. Car Is Easier To Wash and Maintain

As I already said, once you have paint protection added to the car’s surface, it’ll be easier to wash and maintain it.

Everything will clean quicker without rubbing the microfiber wash mitt into the paint. 

That’s especially important if you want to keep your car free of swirl marks and scratches since you won’t scrub the surface to clean all the dirt and dust.

7. It May Prevent Swirl Marks and Minor Scratches

Even though waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings don’t fully protect your car paint from swirl marks and scratches, they could help prevent them a bit.

As I said, by making your car easier to clean and maintain, you’ll prevent scrubbing the surface with a wash mitt, so you’ll avoid causing swirl marks and scratches on your vehicle.

Furthermore, when you apply the protectant on your car, the paint becomes smooth, potentially preventing some minor scratches caused by some rock chips and other grime.

8. Car Paint Becomes Hydrophobic

A hydrophobic surface means that it repels water and other liquids. Car paint protectants make the paint hydrophobic.

Have you ever seen water beads on some vehicles? Well, that vehicle had some paint protectant on it. Water beads appear when the surface is hydrophobic so that water will slip off the paint easily.

Hydrophobic paint has several benefits:

  • Your car will dry quicker and easier
  • It’s easier to drive during rains
  • Dirty rains won’t soil the color so much
  • It will look beautiful during the rains

9. Your Car Will Look Brand New For Years

Your car will look brand new for many years with all the mentioned protective properties of waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings.

Unprotected cars will start to fade and oxidize with time, which can cause rust on cars even only 10-15 years old.

If you take care of your vehicle all the time and apply paint protection on it frequently, you’ll keep your car’s paint brand new for 20 years without a problem.

Of course, it’s not just up to paint protectants. You should always wash your car the proper way and never take it to automatic car washes.

10. Increasing The Car Value

Once you decide to sell your owned car, you’ll be able to sell it quicker and for a better price.

Eight months ago, I had a traffic accident with my Peugeot 308, and I crashed it. Then, I bought another vehicle (VW Golf MK 5), and the paint was oxidized and faded on some parts. The ex-owner never applied wax or sealant to it. 

I managed to reduce the price a lot because of that. If the paint was in good condition, I would pay that guy much more money.

I sold that one and bought a VW Passat. Now, check its condition. It’s fantastic, considering that it’s a 16-year-old car already. That’s because the ex-owner really took care of this car and constantly applied waxes or sealants to the paint.

old vw passat in a great condition

You know that the first impression matters a lot, and if your car looks incredible, it’ll attract potential customers and increase the chance of selling the car for a reasonable price.


If you have never applied paint protection on your car, I hope that now you have plenty of reasons to do it. I tried to be as simple as possible but still show you everything necessary.

I’m a big fan of natural carnauba waxes, and I love to use them on my cars. But any form of paint protection will work just fine.

I recommend you check out my detailed guide on how to detail a car. Inside, I explain the whole process of detailing a car’s interior and exterior, including applying protection to paint, but also to interior parts. That’ll help in keeping your car looking brand new for years.

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