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Best Detailing Brushes: 2 Types Of Brushes Every Detailer Should Have

You know that feeling when you can’t reach or clean some car parts that are full of dust and grime, or you just can clean car carpets using some house handheld brush? Well, if you do, this article is for you. I’m bringing you my 2 best types of car detailing brushes you must have for the best results and easiest car cleaning.

You don’t need tons of different brushes to successfully detail your car, these 2 car brush sets will be more than enough for cleaning both car interior and exterior.

The 2 types of car detailing brushes every detailer should have are:

Car Detailing Brush Set

The car detailing brush set I recommend you to use is this LucklyJone 7 Pieces Brush Set. It’s PERFECT for reaching and cleaning the inaccessible car parts.

In this set, you get everything needed for cleaning wheels, tires, car dashboards, vents, buttons, and other smaller or hard-to-reach parts:

  • Long handle tire brush – 17-inch long wheel cleaning brush to help you clean your wheels easier
  • 5 pieces car detailing brush – all of them are different sizes so you can choose which one suits your needs
  • Short handle tire brush – this brush is softer and will help you to detail your car tires.

This set made my cleaning tasks easier than before. Also, all the brushes are extremely durable and do their work.

The best thing in this set is a long brush for wheel cleaning and those tiny brushes. Sometimes it’s just impossible to clean some dirt and dust from buttons, AC or car radio without them.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a great deal, and usually, these brushes may be expensive. Especially if you buy them separated. But this set brings you everything you need in one pack.

Drill Brush Attachments

The hardest part about car detailing is probably cleaning the dirty old carpets full of dirt, dust, mud, and grime. That’s why I recommend these 25 piece drill brush attachments (check the price on Amazon now) that will make cleaning the carpets much easier.

I like this brush set a lot because I can use it even to do some housework with them such as cleaning tile joints, etc.

In this set, you get the following:

  • 8 pieces of different purpose drill scrubber brushes
  • 12 pieces of different stiffness scouring pads
  • 3 pieces scrub sponge with 1x 4 inch backer
  • extended reach attachment

If you have ever watched some car detailing video, you have probably seen that car detailers worldwide are using these brushes to clean carpets.

It’s very hard to clean the carpets with a handheld brush, and it will take you a lot of time. I don’t want you to spend 30 minutes only on one piece of carpet just like I did when I was starting out.

Also, the extended reach attachment together with the cone brush will help you clean inside of the wheels which is great if the wheels are very dirty and you can’t do it with the normal brush.

I was always looking to save a few bucks on equipment, but very soon I realized that saving on equipment means double work every time I detail a car. Don’t repeat my mistake, set aside a few bucks for these drill brushes.

I like to use yellow brushes on car carpets, and white brushes for car seats and upholstery.

As I said, the best thing is that you will probably use them on more things, not only for car detailing. Your wife will be amazed when you show the power of drill brushes on tile joints haha.

Brushes Are Not Expensive

There is a lot of expensive equipment for car detailing but brushes aren’t one of them.

Saving some money and not buying some brushes that will make car detailing much easier is a bit dummy idea. I tried without that and now I can’t imagine detailing the car without the brushes.

Time is the money, save you some time by getting one of these, you’ll thank me later 😉