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Here’s my pick for the best car buffers/polishers you can get. There’s plenty of them so, sometimes, it’s hard to choose the right one. Below you can see my recommendation for everyone, and I bet you’ll be happy with these choices.

2 Types Of Car Polishers

There are 2 types of car polishers you can buy for yourself:

  • Rotary Polisher
  • Dual Action (DA) Polisher

Rotary and DA Polisher have some big differences, the most important thing for you to know is how do they work. Check the picture below to see the working path of the rotary vs working path of the DA polisher.

rotary vs da polisher differences

Which One To Choose?

Pay attention to this before you buy yourself a polishing machine.

Choose Rotary Polisher If:

  • You have experience in car polishing
  • You want quicker polishing results
  • You want better polishing results

Choose Dual Action (DA) Polisher If:

  • You’re a beginner
  • You’re afraid of destroying car paint

So, unless you’re a pro in the car detailing world, I’d always suggest you get DA – dual action polisher. Later when you learn how to polish, you can get yourself the rotary polisher.

Best Rotary Car Polisher: DeWalt DWP849X

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DeWalt DWP849X (check the price on Amazon now) is a variable rotary polisher. However, there is plenty of reasons why I recommend this one to you guys.

DeWalt made some great improvements with this product, and that’s the reason why it stands out compared to other similar products.

This polisher/buffer is great for all car detailers, both beginners and professionals. However, since it’s a rotary polisher, you might want to check the other (DA) option if you’re a complete beginner.

DWP849X Features:

Variable Speed Trigger: With the speed potentiometer, you can choose the rotating speed anywhere from 600 to 3500 RPM, depending on the job you’re doing.

Bail Style Handle: With the bail style handle, you can adjust it in 3 different positions for multiple gripping options.

12.0 AMP Power: The standard DWP849 version (predecessor) has only 8.0 AMP power, but with this one, DeWalt has really improved the polishing performance. You’ll easily get 3500 RPM without over-heating or any other side effects.

Great Rubber Case: DWP849X comes with a rubber case that has plenty of benefits. You’ll have a better grip; it protects you against electric shock, and it’s more immune to damages if it falls.

Controlled Finish System (CFS) With Soft Start: This polisher is also equipped with a CFS system with Soft Start, improving speed control and finish quality.

Both Corded and Cordless Versions To Choose From: I like this a lot; if you like a typically wired polisher, then you can choose a corded version. However, if you’re a more on the go person and often need a polisher in places without electricity, the Cordless version is a way to go.

It’s a long-lasting product, and using this polisher; you’ll get amazing results. And with the amazing results comes the customer’s satisfaction.

Best DA Car Polisher: Chemical Guys BUF_503X

I know that the detailing world is split into “I like Chemical Guys” and “I don’t like Chemical Guys.” However, I always try to be as objective as possible and show you only the best products out there.

Often, Chemical Guys overprice their products, but it’s not the case with this TORQX 503X dual-action random polisher (check the price on Amazon now).

At the time of writing this post, TORQ 503X Polisher is a #1 best seller on Amazon. That’s not a joke, I think.

With this 700Watts product, it’s easy to work at any speed. It ranges from 1200 to 4200 RPMs.

This dual-action polisher also has many rubbed components that improve comfortability and extend the life of this polisher.

This polisher should last for a few years with many detailing jobs done.

Since this is a DA polisher, I think that it’s one of the best out there for complete beginners. It’s not overpriced, and yet it’s a high-quality product.