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You should use a snow foam in the pre-wash stage of cleaning your car. Snow foams create a thick foam that’ll easily loosen the dirt on your car. So, once you rinse it, your car is clean enough to start a contact wash with your favorite car wash soap.

There are tens of different snow foams that you can choose from, and to make it easier for you, I decided to write the two best snow foams that you should check out.

Whichever of these products you choose, I’m sure that you’ll be more than happy with the foam thickness and cleaning results.

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

Chemical Guys Honeydew (check the price on Amazon now) is the overall best snow foam on this list, and I recommend it to everyone.

Its price is amazing, so it’s a great value for money. The thickness of the foam is great, and you’ll easily cover the whole car with one foam cannon tank only.

Cleaning power is amazing and it quickly loosens all the dirt on the car’s surface, so you can rinse it and continue with a contact wash. Furthermore, it’s a pH-neutral foam that won’t strip waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings. So, you’re safe to use it on any car.

The best thing about this snow foam is that you can also use it as a car shampoo for a contact wash. That’s the reason why It’s my no.1 recommendation for everyone. So, one product for two purposes – amazing.

The smell is fantastic, it smells like a honey. However, if you don’t like that smell, there are a few more choices that Chemical Guys offers you.

GYEON Quartz Foam

GYEON is a company well-known for their high-quality ceramic coatings. Luckily, they started producing other high-quality detailing products as well.

This GYEON Quartz Snow Foam (check the price on Amazon now) is an amazing snow foam that you should use in a pre-wash stage.

It’s a pH-neutral snow foam that safe for waxes and sealants. It’s also one of the easiest snow foams to dilute and to use on your car. Just make sure that your car is not in direct sunlight.

I suggest you use it with a pressure washer, but you can also apply it with a garden hose.

The only reason why I put the Honeydew before this product is because you can’t use this one as a contact wash soap. However, this snow foam tends to loosen the dirt better in the pre-wash stage.

GYEON is a fantastic company, and I like to use their products a lot. I have tried several product from that company, and they were all great.