Washing Car Every Day – Is It Bad For Your Car?

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If you’re a car enthusiast and like to keep your car as clean as possible, I’m sure that the idea of washing it every day has crossed your mind. But is washing your car every day worth it?

Key Takeaways:

  • Washing your car every day is not bad for your car but will increase the chances of scratching your car
  • Washing the car every day is like throwing money out of your wallet
  • Instead of washing your car every day, consider using waterless shampoos

Can You Wash Your Car Every Day?

No doubt, you can wash your car even two times a day if you want. The real question is if it’s even worth it and what you’ll achieve with it.

From my experience, washing your car every day is not worth it. It’s just throwing money out of your pocket – and let’s add your time spent to that as well. So, you’re looking to spend ca. 1 hour every day just to keep your car clean.

I’m a car enthusiast just like you, but washing cars every day is complete nonsense if you ask me. There are other ways instead of washing the car every day to maintain its shine, so let’s jump to that.

I Suggest Using Waterless Shampoos

Instead of spending money like crazy and washing your car every day, I suggest that you follow the trends in the auto detailing world and buy yourself a waterless wash product.

Some people will say that it’s still washing, but it’s much different. It’s cheaper, takes less time, and can be done literally anywhere, which is great for people living in apartments or condos who like to keep their cars clean.

Washing a car without water has become extremely popular, and while I’m against doing that all the time, it’s a fantastic thing to remove light dust from your car in between regular car washes.

All you need is a waterless car shampoo and a few microfiber towels. I wrote a guide on how to wash a car without water, so make sure to check that out for the exact steps and product recommendations.

Some people like to use quick detailers for this, and while they might seem like a great option, they’re not as good for washing cars in between washes.

How Often Should You Really Wash Your Car?

guy washing car with two wash mitts

I like to keep things simple. I always suggest people wash their cars every two weeks during summer and every week during winter. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, if you went on a road trip or something, I suggest washing your car as soon as your finish with it, or your car got filthy from driving through the rain, etc. But if your car is generally clean, there is no need to wash it every day.

I do it this way:

  • Wash my car every 10-15 days
  • In between, I use waterless shampoos to remove light dust and some bird droppings if they occur
  • If I drive through mud or go for a road trip, I wash the car immediately after returning home

Always Follow Proper Procedure When Washing Your Car

Even if you choose to wash your car every day or on a very frequent basis, it’s OK for your car as long as you follow some basic guidelines to prevent scratching your car while washing it.

Here are a few simple tips that you should follow:

  • Use high-quality products (shampoos, pre-washes, microfiber towels, and wash mitts)
  • Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight during hot days
  • Never let cleaning agents dry on your paint
  • Use only safe methods to dry your car
  • Use the 2-bucket or 3-bucket method for washing vehicles

With these simple guidelines in mind, you can wash your car worry-free. Also, I wrote a few guides on how to wash a car, but this one is the most detailed, with every single step explained.

Bottom Line

As you can see, washing your car every day is not bad for your car, but I don’t suggest doing it. It’s spending your resources like crazy, and you won’t achieve anything special.

Instead, think about using waterless shampoos – I was against them until I tried them, and they’re now my go-to for keeping my car clean between regular washes.

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