About Car Detailing Planet

Car Detailing Planet was started back in 2019 with the goal of sharing useful tips and tricks to beginners in the auto detailing world.

The reason for starting Car Detailing Planet was mainly due to a lack of information about car detailing online. While there are some great sites, most of the advice is on YouTube, and people looking for text information can’t always find what they’re looking for.

On Car Detailing Planet, you can expect to see valuable tips, how-to guides, product recommendations, and everything else related to car detailing gathered through the experience of working on hundreds of different vehicles and fighting with complicated tasks.

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Plan For Car Detailing Planet

The plan for Car Detailing Planet is that one day it becomes the number one place for beginners in the auto detailing world, where they can learn how to do various stuff, what products and tools to use, how to become more efficient, how to get the best results, and similar.

Another plan for Car Detailing Planet (you can expect it very soon) is to become a specialized online shop for car detailing tools, products, and equipment. The goal of the shop will be to research and investigate only the best products and showcase them to people so they don’t get lost in hundreds of questionable quality tools and products, which unfortunately happens on most websites. Only the best of the best products will be showcased, so no one can make a mistake by choosing any of the products featured in the shop.

Who Runs Car Detailing Planet

Petar Dzaja, owner of Car Detailing Planet

Petar Dzaja, owner of Car Detailing Planet

I’m a car lover and a car detailing enthusiast who spends every free hour looking for ways to improve the appearance of his car. I started detailing cars back in 2014 as soon as I passed my driving test. Aside from being a car lover, I have a passion for writing, gaming, and enjoying summers in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where I live at the moment.

For now, I run Car Detailing Planet by myself, with some guest writers here and there, but 99% of the time, I’m writing everything by myself. In the future, I hope that the team will get some new car detailing enthusiasts so that we can share even more information and tips with you. Since I’m already saying that, if you’re a car detailing enthusiast with a passion for writing, don’t hesitate to reach out and become a contributor to Car Detailing Planet.

My Car: VW Passat B6 2007

As you can see in the image above, I’m driving a VW Passat B6 from 2007, and even though it’s a 15-year-old car, I think it still looks fantastic, especially because I try to keep it clean and shiny all the time.

Our Content Creation Process

In this part, we would like to provide you with a glimpse into my article writing process and shed light on how we ensure the quality and value of the content we create.

Drawing from Experience and Knowledge

When we write articles for Car Detailing Planet, we draw heavily from my personal experiences and in-depth understanding of the auto detailing industry. Through years of hands-on involvement, we have accumulated valuable insights, techniques, and practical knowledge that we are enthusiastic about sharing with our readers. We believe that real-world experience is key to providing authentic and valuable content.

Collaboration with Auto Detailing Experts

While we possess a wealth of knowledge in auto detailing, we recognize that certain topics may require specialized expertise. In such cases, we actively seek collaboration with esteemed auto detailers who are willing to share their secrets and insights. By incorporating their perspectives, we strive to deliver well-rounded, thorough articles that offer diverse viewpoints and expert advice.

Commitment to Quality

Maintaining the highest quality standards is of utmost importance to us. Before publishing any article on Car Detailing Planet, we meticulously conduct research, fact-checking, and reviewing. We strive for accuracy, coherence, and reliability to provide our readers with trustworthy information they can rely on. Each article undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the standards we have set for us and delivers value to our audience.

Engaging and Informative Content

Our objective is to create articles that captivate and educate readers. We aim to craft engaging, accessible, and informative content that makes the world of auto detailing come alive. By providing practical advice, step-by-step guides, and industry insights, we want to empower our visitors to enhance their auto detailing skills and achieve exceptional results.

The Role of AI in Enhancing Content

We like transparency, and that’s why we want to make it clear and state that we do sometimes use AI to help us write the content. However, all the content is written based on the writer’s knowledge and experience. We may use AI only to enhance the content to make it easier to digest, largely due to the language barrier. That way, all our ideas and tips are effectively communicated so that everyone can understand what we’re trying to say. You may also see some nice illustrations that are made with the help of AI (unfortunately, we don’t know how to draw).

Your Feedback Matters

We highly value your feedback and suggestions. We invite you to share your thoughts, questions, or ideas for future articles. Your input plays a vital role in shaping my content, allowing us to improve and cater to your needs and interests continually.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your car washing and detailing journey!

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