3 BEST Extractor Attachments For Your Shop Vac

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Carpet extractors are not a common household appliance unless you run a professional cleaning service. Regardless, carpets and upholstery need deep cleaning regularly, right? After all, carpets and upholstery are among the most used surfaces in our homes, and they are a magnet for dirt, grime, allergens, and all the nasty bugs. These contaminants reduce the air quality in our homes and make them unsanitary for everyone including the kids and pets. 

What if I told you that your regular shop vac could double as a carpet extractor? Yes! It works for both wet and dry vac and is a fantastic way to clean your carpets without spending a fortune on a professional cleaning service or an extractor. Carpet extractors are not the most affordable of appliances as they can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,800 on both extremes. So yeah, transforming your shop vac into one with less than $20 is a steal.

Three best extractor attachments head for shop vacs are:

  • Happy Tree Hand With Clear Head Extractor Attachment
  • Workshop Extractor Attachment
  • Cen-Tec Systems Extractor Attachment – Budget

Not sure how to turn your regular shop vac into a top-class carpet extractor? This article on how to turn a shop vac into a carpet extractor has all the tips and tricks you need on the topic, so check it out. 

Ready to turn your vac into a carpet extractor? Here is my pick of the top three best extractor attachments for your shop vac. 

1. Happy Tree Hand With Clear Head Extractor Attachment

This hand wand from Happy Tree (check the price on Amazon now) is my top pick for the best attachment for a shop vac for several reasons. 

First, this hand wand takes the trophy for its versatility. It comes with three threaded adapters – adapter A fits in ODM 1-7/8”, adapter B fits in ODM 1-4/7” while adapter C fits 1-3/4”. This extractor head also comes in two sizes – small at 3.5” and large at 7.5” so regardless of the size of your vac, you can use them without any problem. 

Second, this extractor attachment has a sturdy construction, which you will love. The 1-1/2” tubing is solid stainless steel, making it ideal for extractors and even truck mounts. The plastic and rubber components of this Happy Tree are also of good quality, making them reliable and long-lasting. 

The third reason that makes this extractor attachment a top pick is its ease of use and maintenance. The attachment is portable and lightweight, which is a bonus. In addition, the extractor head is transparent, which makes cleaning it a breeze. 

Overall, this extractor attachment is a great choice for homeowners and even those who run small cleaning or car detailing services. 


  • Very versatile for several types of vacs
  • It comes in two different sizes
  • Sturdy and durable construction 
  • Easy maintenance with a transparent head 
  • Portable and lightweight 


  • Not easy to get your hands on the attachment
  • The price may be an issue for some buyers

2. WORKSHOP Extractor Attachment

My second pick of the top three best extractor attachments is from the brand Workshop (check the price on Amazon now). This attachment is also a fantastic choice as it is compatible with both wet and dry shop vacs. It fits vac hoses and wands with diameters that are 1-1/4”, 1-7/8”, and 2-1/2”, which is great. 

Another reason why I love this extractor attachment is the claw nozzle design. Because of this, you can use this attachment to clean not only carpets but also car seats with absolute ease. In fact, several people also attest to the fact that this nozzle claw is an excellent kit for their car detailing business. Trust me, if the attachment works for commercial guys, it will take care of all your deep cleaning at home. 

In addition to the ergonomic design, this claw nozzle extractor attachment is also lightweight and portable. You will love how easily you can maneuver this claw attachment for cleaning carpets and upholstery. 

Furthermore, this extractor attachment from the Workshop also comes with an affordable price, which is another advantage. 

The only minor issue with this claw nozzle is that it is not transparent, which makes it hard to see what’s going on inside. However, the extractor attachment works like a charm, so the dark color is not a deal-breaker. 


  • Fits hoses of different diameter 
  • Ergonomic design for easy maneuverability
  • Great for cleaning multiple surfaces  
  • Affordable pricing 


  • It is not transparent, so you cannot tell when to clean it.

3. Cen-Tec Systems Extractor Attachment – Budget Option

This Cen-Tec Systems Extractor Attachment (check the price on Amazon now) is the answer if you’re looking for a budget option. This comes from Cen-Tec and fits vac hoses that have 1.25” in diameter. You will need an adapter with this one, but it shouldn’t be difficult to get one. 

Regardless, this attachment also has a claw design so you can easily access the corners and hard-to-reach places. This extractor attachment measures 5,” but you will be surprised at how sturdy and reliable it is. 

Of course, it is compatible with both wet and dry shop vacs making it very versatile too. If you’re curious, this attachment head is also lightweight, so you will have no problems taking it places. 

This extractor head is a hit among several customers, which is no surprise and is a great testament to Cen-Tec’s commitment to quality products.


  • Claw nozzle design for easy use 
  • Very reliable and long-lasting 
  • Compatible with both dry and wet vac
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Not convenieIt needs a separate adapter 


Extractor attachments are a versatile and affordable way to make the most use of a shop vac. The attachments are easy to hook up and use. In addition, they are also compatible with wet and dry vacs making them even more convenient. 

Some of the attachments on this list of the top three best extractor attachments for your shop vac need a separate adapter. But they are very affordable and readily available, so it shouldn’t stop you from getting the attachment. 

Nevertheless, with these attachments, you can clean everything from carpets, upholstery to car seats without the need for professional service. Not only can you commence the cleaning whenever you want, but you save a ton of money too!

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