3 Must-Have Detailing Brush Sets Every Car Detailer Should Have

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brush sets for car detailing

You don’t need tons of different brushes to successfully detail your car, these three car detailing brush sets will be more than enough for cleaning both car interior and exterior.

1. Soft Detailing Brushes Set

You’ll use soft detailing brushes the most, especially throughout the car interior. And when you buy a set, you get different sizes of brushes so that you can use them for literally any car detailing task.

Detail Dudes Car Detailing Brush Ultra Soft Boars Hair Set of 3- Automotive Detail Brushes- Washing...
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The brush set I recommend you get is the one from Detail Dudes. I’ve bought it and I’m more than happy with the set. And more importantly, it’s a high-quality product and these tiny brushes don’t fall of like on some cheap set from china.

What’s good about these brushes is that you can purchase two packs, and use them when cleaning the exterior of your car (grill, emblems, exhausts, etc.).

2. Wheel Cleaning Brush Set

Another set of brushes you’ll need is for cleaning car wheels and tires. While there are more expensive sets out there, I’ve got to say that I’ve been more than happy with this Wheel Cleaning Set from BYTTME.

Wheel Brushes for Cleaning Wheels (4 Pro Pack)- 2X Soft Wheel Cleaning Woolies Brush, Detailing...
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Inside the set, you’ll get 2 soft wheel cleaning woolies, a smaller detailing brush, and a stiffer brush for cleaning wheel wells and tires. More than enough for any beginner car detailer.

Of course, if you’re a professional car detailer, you’ll buy some more famous and quality brushes, but this set is more than enough for any weekend warrior who cleans their car a few times a month.

3. Drill Brush Attachments

I can’t imagine detailing my car without drill brush attachments any more. Especially when it comes to deep cleaning my car. They make the whole process so much quicker and easier.

I recommend you get the drill brush attachment est by Drillstuff. Inside you’ll get four different brushes, each for different purpose.

Drill Brush Attachment Power Scrubber Brush Set - 4in 4 Piece Soft, Medium and Stiff Power Scrubbing...
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Let me explain brush color quickly:

  • White. White is the softest brush in this pack and you can use it for cleaning car seats, carpets, and any other fabric or even plastic areas.
  • Yellow. Yellow is slightly stiffer and I only use it when I’m brushing car carpets or floor mats.
  • Green. I use green brushes only for cleaning rubber floor mats. They’re too stiff for anything else.
  • Red. You probably won’t need to use red on your car because it’s the stiffest brush in the pack. But it’s good to have it so you can clean the floor or something around your house.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of expensive equipment for car detailing but brushes aren’t one of them.

Saving some money and not buying some brushes that will make car detailing much easier is a bit dummy idea. I tried without that and now I can’t imagine detailing the car without the brushes.

Time is the money, save you some time by getting one of these, you’ll thank me later 😉

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