Do Car Windshield Water Repellent Coatings Work? Should You Use Them?

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rain repellent for cars

While windshield wipers help a lot with removing rain drops from car windshields, there might be a better solution – windshield water repellents. I’ve been using these products for years, and in this post, I’ll showcase water repellents for cars, are they any good, and what are the best choices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Windshield water repellent coatings add hydrophobicity to glass surfaces, making raindrops just glide away from all glass surfaces, even without using windshield wipers.
  • Best windshield rain repellent products are from RainX, GTechniq, and Invisible Glass companies.
  • Dedicated rain repellents are much better for windshield when compared to traditional waxes and sealants, and even some ceramic coatings.

What Are Windshield Water Repellent Coatings?

Windshield water repellent coatings are products that, when applied, add a hydrophobic layer to the glass, which then repels the water from the glass.

In other words, water repellent coatings help water, snow, and sleet easily slip off of the windshield. All that makes driving much easier, especially during rainy nights.

Benefits of windshield water repellents:

  • Water, snow, and sleet will easily slip off the glass.
  • Improve driver’s visibility during the rain, especially at night.
  • They prolong the life of the windscreen wipers.
  • Glass is easier to clean after applying.
  • Make bugs, ice, and dust much easier to remove.

The Best Water Repellents For Windshields

As always, there are dozens of water repellent products that you can choose from. Today, I’m gonna show you 2 amazing products. One of them is best to choose if you don’t want to spend too much money, and the other is a more professional one.

1. Rain-X Water Repellent Coating

Rain-X Original Windshield Treatment Glass Water Repellent (2),liquid

Rain-X Original Windshield Treatment (check above) is probably the most popular water repellent coating out there. It’s an entry-level product, and it works great.

However, it won’t last as long as some more expensive products. The best thing about Rain-X is the price and the ease of application. I’ve been using it for a few years already, and there’s no need for me to try more expensive products.

If you really want the best result possible, make sure to also clay bar your windows before applying Rain-X.

2. Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass

Gtechniq - G1 ClearVision Smart Glass - Improve Wet Weather Visibility; Durable Hydrophobic Coating;...

Gtechniq G1 is nano-coating for your windows that will last longer than “budget-friendly” water repellents.

It should last from 1-2 years, which is more than enough for everyone, especially if you compare it to Rain-X.

The normal package is only 15ML, so make sure to apply it to your windshield 2 times, and then use the rest on your other windows.

However, the biggest con of this coating is that it’s harder to apply. So, if you want the best water repellent for your car but aren’t the best with applying these products, pay someone to apply it.

Where To Use Rain Repellents?

In theory, you can use water-repellent coatings on all of the car windows. However, you’ll mostly need them only on the windshield, which is the most rain-affected area of the car.

Aside from the windshield, I like to apply the coating on my front side windows and the rearview mirrors. It helps me to see better when driving in reverse, especially when I just start the car and the windows are still all wet from the rain.

Water repellents should not be used on interior windows and glass surfaces because they may cause haze and negatively affect your visibility.

How To Apply Window Repellent Coatings?

Every product has its own steps for applying it, so make sure to check the instructions on the bottle.

In most cases, the application process goes like this:

  • Clean the windows so there aren’t any streaks. (learn how to clean car windows).
  • Apply windshield repellent coating by spraying or applying it with a microfiber cloth or applicator pad. Only a thin layer is enough; don’t oversaturate the glass.
  • Let the coating dry until there’s a slight haze (ca. 5 to 10 minutes).
  • Buff off the glass with a clean microfiber towel until the glass is perfectly clear.

Again, always make sure to check the product description; some coatings are being applied in a different way (e.g., they apply on a wet surface, etc.)

Water Repellent Coating or Wax?

Many of you will probably think about putting wax on the windshield and other windows instead of buying the water repellent coating.

I’d always go with a rain repellent coating if you ask me. Why?

Well, water repellent coatings will make the water beads much smaller, which in the end, makes water easier to slip off. I just think it’s doing a better job than waxes.

Also, water repellent coatings are more resistant to washing fluid from your car. It’s made mostly of alcohol, and alcohol removes wax in no time. So, one more point for water repellent coatings.

Wrap Up

Windshield water repellent coatings are great products that everyone should use. They aren’t expensive (even the more professional coatings), and you get a lot for the price.

And YES, rain repellent coatings do work! 

I’d suggest everyone apply water repellent coating on all outside windows, especially if you live in a rainy area and are driving a lot.

There’s nothing worse than driving during the rain and not being able to see a road because of a $10-15 investment. Just apply it, improve visibility and stay safe 🙂

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