GYEON Q2 Tire Dressing Review: A Long-Lasting Shine For Your Tires

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gyeon q2 tire dressing review

I’ve been using Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing for a few months now, and I decided to share my thoughts and write a thorough review so you guys can all know what to expect from this tire shine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gyeon Q2 Tire is my number 1 recommendation for tire dressings.
  • Application is simple and you don’t need a lot of product.
  • With two coats applied, it usually lasts for three to four weeks.
  • It gives tires a wet look, but it’s not too shiny like some other dressings.
  • You can apply it to ca. 25 to 30 sets of tires, which is fantastic.
  • Price of Gyeon Q2 Tire:

GYEON Q2 Tire Shine: My Review

Tire shine is the second GYEON product I’m reviewing, and I have to tell you that I’m delighted with the quality of their products for now. A few days back, I wrote a GYEON Car Glass Cleaner review, so make sure to check it out too.

Q² Tire dressing is the first and only SiO₂ (silicone dioxide) based tire coating. It’s specifically designed to last longer and to give tires a brand-new wet look.

It also protects them from UV rays and other external factors. So, your tires are protected and may last longer.

The important thing for this review is that I’m not keeping my car in the garage, and it’s a daily car, so I drive it every day. And even that way, it lasts long enough.

Ease of Application

This tire gel is very easy to apply. It’s neither too thick nor too rare. Spreading it across the tires is easy, and tires absorb it quickly so that it won’t sling on your car panels.

It’s almost completely dry after only a few minutes, so that it won’t spread during the ride.

I was applying it with a dedicated GYEON tire applicator, and it’s also my recommendation for you.

In order to last long, this tire dressing requires a thorough tire wash, so make sure to learn the proper way of cleaning wheels and tires.


gyeon q2 tire dressing after 3 washes
The look of the tire after 4 weeks and 3 washes.

When it comes to durability, this is what amazes me the most. In my experience, this product will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks. That’s great since most other products last up to 10 days only.

The first time I applied it to tires was four weeks ago. Then, in between, I washed the car twice but didn’t apply the tire dressing again.

Today, I rewashed the car, and the tires still looked pretty nice. Like there was still dressing on them. 

After applying the dressing to the tires today, I’m again amazed at its shine and appearance.

They’re promoting even more than five washes, but I reapplied after three washes since I wanted that wet look even though the tires still looked great.


tire shine after applying the gyeon tire dressing
Tire shine after application of GYEON Q2 Tire Dressing

The shine of this GYEON Q2 Tire dressing is tremendous. After application, the tires look like new ones and are even better.

It’s improving their appearance, and they’ll stand out a lot. I like that it’s not black color, so it’s not painting the tires to make them look brand new. 

In my opinion, it’s adding just enough shine to the tires. I’m a fan of the wet tires look, and this product is what I needed.

After the application, if you want a more matte look, heat the tires with a heat gun a little bit (or let the car sit in the sunlight for 15 min), and it’ll increase the durability and make them look more matte.

However, if you want even more shine, you can apply this product twice on the tires, and the shine level will increase.


The bottle is 400ml, and they’re promoting that you need around 10-15ml per set of tires.

In my experience, that’s true, so they’re not lying. However, if you’ll layer it and apply it twice on the tires, expect to spend around 20-25ml per set.

With that said, you can dress the tires of around 25 to 30 cars if you apply it once. However, if you use it twice per tire, it should be enough to dress the tires of approximately 16-18 vehicles.

If you’re detailing only your vehicle, you should have it for more than a year and a half if you apply the product once per month. In my opinion, that’s a fantastic investment.

How To Apply Q2 Tire Dressing?

Basically, the steps for applying GYEON tire dressing are the same as with any other tire shine out there.

  1. Wash and Dry Tires – to properly apply GYEON Q2 tire dressing, you should thoroughly wash your tires. For that, make sure to use a high-quality wheel cleaner, agitate them with a brush, and then rinse with a pressure washer. After washing, dry the tires.
  2. Pour Gel Onto Applicator Pad – pour a little bit of tire dressing into the applicator pad. Make sure not to use too much product. You can always re-coat if you think there’s not enough dressing.
  3. Spread The Gel – work the gel into the tire by evenly spreading it with an applicator pad. 
  4. Remove Excess – If there’s any excess on wheels or somewhere else, wipe that off.
  5. Let Dry – Allow the dressing to dry completely. Something around 15 minutes should be enough.

BONUS TIP 1: To prolong the durability of the dressing, heat the surface tire wall with a heat gun or with a hairdryer and then apply the dressing. The result is a more matte finish and better longevity.

BONUS TIP 2: If you want even shinier tires, let the dressing completely dries, and apply one more coat of it. That’ll give your tires the best possible shine and will also increase longevity.

Gyeon vs. Other Tire Shine Products

As an auto detailing enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various tire shine products. Here are comparisons of Gyeon with other popular tire shine products.

Gyeon Q2 vs. Meguiar’s Endurance Gel

I’ve found Gyeon Q2 and Meguiar’s Endurance Gel to be quite similar. Both give that deep, rich shine we all love, and they’re user-friendly, even for beginners like I once was.

But here’s the kicker – Gyeon Q2 has a slight edge. In my experience, it tends to last a bit longer than Meguiar’s Endurance Gel. I’ve noticed that I don’t need to reapply it as often, which is a big plus in my book.

Plus, I’ve found that I use less of the Gyeon Q2 per application, which, in the long run, makes it more cost-effective despite the higher initial cost.

Gyeon Q2 vs. Chemical Guys VRP

Now, when it comes to comparing Gyeon Q2 with Chemical Guys VRP, it’s a different ball game. Gyeon Q2 is the clear winner in terms of performance. It outshines Chemical Guys VRP, quite literally, and lasts longer, too.

But let’s not dismiss Chemical Guys’ VRP just yet. It’s a more budget-friendly option, and while it doesn’t quite match up to Gyeon Q2, it still does a decent job.

If you’re watching your pennies but still want a respectable shine, Chemical Guys VRP could be the way to go.

Final Thoughts on Gyeon Q2 Tire Dressing – Is It Worth It?

If you ask me if GYEON Q2 Tire Dressing is worth it, YES, it is. It’s a bit more expensive than most other similar products, but the price is justified.

The level of shine and the durability are two things that make me want to repurchase this tire dressing.

GYEON Tire - Ultimate Sio2 Ceramic Coating for Tires - Extreme Durability - Car Detailing - UV...

If you own a car detailing business, maybe you won’t have the best ROI with this product. However, if you’re detailing your vehicle only and want the best vehicle appearance, you should try it out.

2023 Update: I still haven’t found a better tire dressing, and Gyeon is still my no. 1 choice.

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