How To Fold Mirrors On VW Passat

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vw passat b8, folding mirrors

If you’re having trouble folding or opening mirrors on your VW Passat, this article is for you. I’m a long-time Passat owner, and I’ve learned simple DIY solutions to various problems.

Read on to discover multiple ways of folding mirrors on VW Passats.

How To Fold Mirrors On VW Passat

Before starting, please let us clarify: there are two types of mirrors designed for Volkswagen Passat – manual foldable mirrors and powered auto-folding mirrors. Both types have the same closing method, which will be described below.

First, you should find the “folding mirror” button on your car. Typically, there will be buttons on the main control board for you to select. You can also check the manual guide to know where the option is.

interface of vcds by rosstech

If you still cannot see the button, let us guide you another way by using extra software. You need a laptop and a VCDS interface from Ross-Tech company. Next, connect the laptop to the interface, then you will see the option “Door Elect, Driver.” Choose module 42, please.

Then, you will see the “Security Access” window pop up. Choose number 16. Enter the security code and select “Do it.” 

Consequently, go back to the main menu and choose “Adaptation – 10”. There will be a list of channels popping up. Scroll down to find the Parameter Byte8 channel and select it.

On the laptop, there will be a window popping up with the number 90. You need to change it into either of the two options below:

  1. 99 – which means your mirrors will be folded automatically while you click the lock button and only unfold when you open the door on the driver seat.
  2. 95 – which means your mirrors will be folded automatically while you click the lock button and unfold when you turn on the car’s engine.

So, which style do you prefer when unfolding the mirrors? Based on your preference in choosing the new value.

Then you click “Yes,” “OK,” and “Go back”. Finally, exit the program and disconnect the interface. Now, you can fold and unfold the mirrors as you like.

What Should I Do If The Manual Volkswagen Passat Mirror Does Not Fold Over?

There will be an issue with the mirrors or the knob articulation. You should check the manual or even call the mechanic to check whether there is something obstructing the knob.  

However, to be honest, we typically will just push it again and again, trying to tuck it over and over until we can do it. Maybe the mirrors are just old, and you need a bit of force to fold them over.

What Should I Do If The Automatic Volkswagen Passat Mirror Does Not Fold Over?

For the automatic Volkswagen Passat, the issue is much more serious. This version will fold and unfold automatically if you open and close the car properly. However, if it doesn’t work as installed, it means there is something wrong inside the car.

You may need to deactivate the automatic folding option. Please check the manual or guidebook to do that. Then, reactivate the feature again to see if it is good. If not, please call the mechanics.

Should I Fold The Mirrors In The Car Wash?

The answer is “NO” unless you’re going to an automatic car wash, which I never recommend anyway.

If you want to thoroughly wash your vehicle, you shouldn’t fold car mirrors. That way, you’ll be able to clean all the dirt from them and clean the glass properly.

However, if you’re using automatic car washes, you should then fold your mirrors. Rotating brushes may damage your mirrors and cause more harm than good.

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