15 BEST Car Detailing YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

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Hi detailing addicts, today I decided to write a different kind of article. Since I follow plenty of car detailing Youtube channels, I decided to share the best ones with you. Today I’m going to show you 15 car detailing Youtube channels that you should subscribe to.

Few years back, I started watching videos about car detailing and learned many new things. Today, I can say that I know a lot about car detailing, even though I’m not a pro car detailer, let’s say I’m a weekend warrior.

What’s even better, I always learn something new when watching those videos. So, stay tuned and let’s see the interesting car detailing Youtube channels.

1. The Detail Geek

the detail geek youtube channel

Link to the channel: The Detail Geek 

This is the channel I like to watch when I have some free time to relax. It’s very entertaining and instructive.

What I like most about this channel is that he always put some disaster cars and he brings them to the point where they look like new again.

Most videos are around 30 minutes long, and I enjoy watching every minute.

He also shares some tips while detailing the car. You can learn so much about car detailing from this Youtube channel.


ammo nyc youtube channel

Link to the channel: AMMO NYC

AMMO NYC is also a very big channel with more than 1,40 mil. of subscribes and also millions of views every single month.

What I like a lot about AMMO NYC youtube channel is that he shares many tips and tricks for quicker and more effective car detailing.

Also, on the channel, he has two AMMO training academies:

In his videos, he’s going to some details which you can’t get on another car detailing youtube channels. He doesn’t only say how to do it, he says why to do it.

3. Detail Groove

detail groove youtube channel

Link to the channel: Detail Groove

This channel is more than 5 years old and has plenty of subscribers.

What I like about this channel is that there are plenty of videos on specific detailing tasks.

For instance, there is a full video just about cleaning the backside of seats. Isn’t that amazing?

He also has plenty of videos where he’s reviewing different stuff, as well as where he shows gear he uses for detailing.

If you’re planning to open a car detailing business, on this channel you’ll find a lot of useful information that’ll help you to open and grow the business.

What’s also great about this channel is that he sometimes goes live for a Q&A session where everybody can ask him some questions about car detailing.

4. Stauffer Garage

Link to the channel: Stauffer Garage

Another massive channel. Almost 1 million subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Together with car detailing tips and tricks, he also shares many automotive tips in general such as: removing the engine out of the car, fixing exhaust, etc.

If you are a car lover, you’ll just adore this channel where you can learn many new things.

In all of his videos, he is very though and shows us every single detail you should take care of.

Also, in his videos you can see plenty of DIY tips to save you money while detailing.

5. Wilson Auto Detailing

Link to the channel: Wilson Auto Detailing

This channel is so amazing to me. I find it really informative, and such as little car detailing school.

There are hundreds of videos where he shares tips for car detailing with you, explains differences of various terms and products, and shows you the best products for various tasks in car detailing business.

There are some quick tips and tricks that’ll speed up your detailing times, and will also learn you some new things so you can improve your detailing skills.

What I like a lot is that he appreciates his subscribers, he made one video: What Kind of Videos Do You Want To See?

That’s a prove he cares about his audience and that he’ll do anything to improve his channel even more.

6. M.A.D. Detailing

mad detailing youtube channel

Link to the channel: M.A.D. DETAILING

I don’t know how he did it with just a few videos, but this is an amazing channel. There aren’t too many videos, but I’m sure there will be in the future.

He detailed some very awful cars and gave them a new life. With so dirty cars, you can learn many new things. Especially on some stubborn stains on the carpets and on the seats.

Together with car detailing, he also shared some videos about boat detailing, so everyone will find something interesting.

I like the compilation videos where he only shows some parts of the car detailed, such as seats or carpets.

In a few months, this channel could grow a lot, and I hope you’ll be part of it.

7. The Epic Car Show – Entertaining Detailing

Link to the channel: The Epic Car Show – Entertaining Detailing

This is a very new channel but this guy is doing an AWESOME job.

Watching his videos is so educational but in some funny and entertaining way. He just knows how to attract your attention to show you something and still be very funny.

I always liked that kind of professors in high school, this guy is doing the same.

He’s also doing some review videos where he’ll show you all the pros and cons of some products. I think that’s a very important part of the car detailing world.

We all know that car detailing equipment is sometimes expensive, and in one of his videos, he’s comparing Aliexpress MF polishing pads to the Meguairs one. That’s a video you must check out!

I think this channel could get hundreds of subscribers in a very short period of time.

8. Pan TheOrganizer

Link to the channel: Pan TheOrganizer

This is an awesome channel with more than 500 videos for you to watch and learn some new skills.

Pan is a very skillful man and he shares not only car detailing tips and tricks, but all kinds of automotive tips and tricks that can help everyone with their car.

In many of his videos, he’s reviewing new products for car detailing, so you’ll always know which products are good and which aren’t. He’s reviewing different chemicals, as well as tools such as polishers, etc.

Check out this video where he’s detailing his subscriber car! It’s just awesome.

9. ChrisFix

chrisfix youtube channel

Link to the channel: ChrisFix

ChrisFix is a similar channel to the Pan TheOrganizer, but it covers an even wider range of topics. I would say that it’s a general automotive youtube channel.

With more than 6 million subscribers, this is the biggest Youtube channel on this list.

However, together with automotive videos about maintenance, driving, etc. There are plenty of car detailing articles that you should watch.

I would suggest ChrisFix to everyone who owns a car, not only to car detailers.

Instead of car detailing, you can learn many things that will save you some money (replacing starter, brakes replacement, change all fluids, etc.)

10. Detailing World

detailing world youtube channel

Link to the channel: Detailing World

This is still a pretty new channel (around 1-year-old), and I think that now the boom will happen and this channel will have much more than 14,000 subscribers.

There are so many videos you can learn from. What I like the most is their series of videos called “Detailing World’s Back To Basics” where they teach some specific parts of car detailing in every video.

For instance, there is a whole video just about decontamination.

One thing that caught my eye is that they have some giveaways. The last one was just before Christmas. That’s awesome, maybe you could even win some prizes hehe.

He also does Q&A session, so it’s a great chance for all of you who would like to ask some questions and get live answers.

11. Car Craft Auto Detailing

car craft auto detailing youtube

Link to the channel: Car Craft Auto Detailing

On this channel, you can find plenty of product review videos which can help you to determine whether you need some product or not.

Also, most of the “full detailing” videos are with some fancy cars or motorcycles such as Subaru WRX, Toyota MR2, Vespa, etc.

Also, I like this channel because there are a lot of How-To videos that will show you the exact steps you should follow when doing something, for instance – How to restore badly faded car plastics, etc.

If you like watching some high-end car detailing, this channel is for you. High-end detailing is the highest level of detailing which usually takes a few days to finish the car. Mostly, customers who are looking for high-end detailing are going to some car show with their loved car.

12. Car Cleaning Guru

car cleaning guru youtube

Link to the channel: Car Cleaning Guru

Another great channel with many interesting videos for you to watch. There are some important videos for everyone, such as black car detailing tips, etc.

What I like a lot is that there’s plenty of wheels-off washes where he takes off the wheels from the car, and then wash it for the best possible results.

I also like some tips for all of you who would like to do a mobile car detailing business, on this channel you’ll surely find some useful information.

13. JP Details

JP details car detailing

Link to the channel: JP Details

Can you imagine that someone did 250 hours of detailing on a single car? That’s more than one month of work. Well, this guy did!

I’m sad that there aren’t more views and subscribers on this channel. The content there is very interesting and can teach you many new things.

Most of his car detailing videos are in few parts. So, if you are watching those videos just to entertain yourself, this might not be for you.

However, if you want to learn some new skills, or just want to see how other guys are detailing cars – subscribe to this channel as soon as possible.

He also shares some tips for mobile auto detailing, for instance, full van setup for mobile detailing.

14. Chicago Auto Pros

chicago auto pros car detailing

Link to the channel: Chicago Auto Pros

These guys are doing a bit different job than others when it comes to types of videos on the channel.

They have a series of vlogs, which is more like a tv show that you watch on the Discovery Channel.

While doing the detail or paint correction, they share tips and tricks you should follow in order to do the job right.

Also, if you are interested in vinyl wrapping, you should check out this channel since there are plenty of videos on that topic.

15. Every Day Detailing

every day detailing youtube channel

Link to the channel: Every Day Detailing

This is still a pretty new channel (only around 5 months old) but there is some valuable content over there.

You can find many interesting videos such as scratch removal and dirty car detailings.

With just a few videos, he managed to cover almost all the most important topics from the car detailing world.

My recommendation is that everyone should check his deep cleaning videos where he shows every single step of car interior detailing.

Just Watch and Learn

And I’m finished with my list of top 15 car detailing Youtube channels. I hope that you found some interesting channels to follow and watch their videos.

Of course, there are many more interesting Youtube channels, but with these, you can’t make a mistake.

I wanted to share only ordinary channels!

I wanted to share only channels from ordinary people, not from big companies such as:

  • Meguiar’s
  • Chemical Guys
  • Auto Glanz
  • etc.

Why I didn’t choose them?

Well, the reason is very simple. They won’t be as objective since they have to promote their own products.

Even though you can find useful information on those channels, maybe there are better products from other companies, but they will never tell you that.

And that’s it guys, I’ll keep this list updated if some new channels appear. I’ll gladly share them with you.

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