Top 5 Benefits of Having a Generator as a Mobile Car Detailer

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I think that generators are a must for mobile detailers, so I decided to show you five benefits of having a generator as a mobile detailer. If you don’t have an electric generator already, I’m sure you’ll consider buying one after reading these benefits.

5 Benefits of Having a Generator For Car Detailing:

  • You can detail cars anywhere
  • You have a backup electricity source
  • It may attract new clients
  • You may work quicker
  • You can use it for other purposes too

Why Do You Need a Generator For Mobile Detailing?

Ever tried detailing a car in front of a big condo or a building? It can be tough sometimes. There’s often no place to plug in your tools, and even if there is, some folks just don’t like you using their electricity.

Some people, if they let you use their electricity and water, it’s an additional cost. I know, I know. It’s just a few cents, but that’s the reality we live in. And you, as a car detailer, should be prepared for that.

That’s where generators come in. Generators ensure that you have a consistent power source, no matter where you are. With a generator in your truck, you can easily power all your detailing tools, such as pressure washers, polishers, car vacuums, etc.

5 Benefits of Having a Generator as a Mobile Auto Detailer

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Here are the top 5 ways generators will benefit your mobile auto detailing business.

1. You Can Detail Cars Anywhere

Having the freedom to work anywhere is priceless in the auto detailing community. By having a generator, you can adapt to all kinds of places and environments clients have. 

If the client is somewhere in the countryside, it probably won’t be a problem for you, and you won’t even need a generator. Even then, it’s beneficial to have a generator. For instance, you can go and wash farmers’ vehicles such as tractors, combines, etc.

However, more and more people are moving into the cities, where it’s tight, and you won’t have a power source for your detailing tools. That’s where a generator will help you a lot. 

With it, you can even wash cars in parking spots, between buildings, in some yards, etc. 

If you have a water tank, together with the generator, it’s a win-win situation for you. Powering a pressure washer and all the other tools is possible anywhere, anytime. 

2. Generators Are a Backup Electricity Source

This benefit can apply to both mobile and shop detailers. Sometimes, you may end up without electricity, and you won’t be able to wash and clean vehicles. By having a generator, you’ll easily overcome that problem and start all your tools again in no time. 

Even though power outages aren’t often, they can happen, especially during bad weather conditions. And, if you want to be a highly efficient mobile detailer, you have to be ready to adapt to all the situations.

With a generator inside your detailing setup, you’re completely independent of electricity (power) sources wherever you go. I think that’s a fantastic benefit. 

3. Attracting New Clients

This benefit may sound silly, but it isn’t. Having a generator gives you plenty of opportunities for marketing your auto detailing business. 

Today, you have unlimited sources of marketing mediums (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.). It’s easy and cheap to market your detailing business, especially if you offer more than other detailers in your area.

When you show clients that you can detail their vehicles without needing anything from them (water source, power source, etc.), they’re more likely to call you instead of someone else. It’s a sad truth, but today, people want you to get the job done without bothering them in any way. 

For instance, some people are very busy, and they only can have their vehicle detailed while they’re at work. If you have all the equipment needed and are entirely independent of electricity and water, you’re a perfect detailer for them. By the time they finish work, their car is spotless. 

I’m not a marketing expert, but I’m just giving you some fantastic ideas. In my opinion, it could work like a charm. 

4. Increased Efficiency and Speed

Well, this benefit may not apply to all of you out there, but in my opinion, it should. Having a generator means having a well-organized detailing van or car so that you don’t have to connect plenty of extension cords to start working. You can have an all-in-one place for everything. 

That said, it means that you can start working quicker, and when you finish, you’ll have less equipment to pick up and store. It’s not a lot, but it’s 5-10 minutes extra, which means a better return on your invested time.

When washing 5-6 different vehicles on the same day, that 5-10 minutes extra time per vehicle may give you a place to do one more car that day. Of course, you can apply it only if you’re not doing full details such as polishing, deep cleaning, etc. 

Also, unconsciously, you’ll probably work a bit quicker because you’re spending your gas. So, to save up some gas, you’ll have to work quicker. Even though modern generators don’t spend too much gas, you could still save some bucks by speeding up the detailing process, and I’m sure you will.

5. Versatility of Generators

Well, this doesn’t apply to the car detailing tasks but is one more benefit, too. When you have a generator for your detailing business, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it for private purposes, too. 

For instance, my dad and I used a generator to power the impact drill to destroy some big rock on our land. Even though it wasn’t why we bought the generator, we could still use it for that task. Over there, we didn’t have access to electricity, so without a generator, we couldn’t do it.

Sometimes, you may decide that you want to go camping with your family over the weekend, and having an electricity source is fantastic for those situations. You’ll be able to power all the lights, phone chargers, radio, TVs, fridge for cold beer, etc. 

That’s just my opinion and my experience. I’m just an ordinary man who likes detailing vehicles but also likes enjoying life. And when you can use something from one hobby to enjoy another hobby too, it’s the cherry on the top of the cake.


How do mobile detailers get electricity?

Most mobile detailers get electricity through the gas-powered generator that’s inside their mobile detailing vehicle. Also, some people will let you use their electricity, so that’s another way. But it’s always best to be prepared with a generator.

Are generators expensive?

Generally, generators are not extremely expensive, but it’s still a high cost. However, if you’re serious about your auto detailing business, investing in a generator isn’t spending money. It’s investing in your business.

Do you really need a generator as a mobile car detailer?

No doubt about that. If you’re a mobile car detailer, having a generator is a must. That’ll allow you to work anywhere, anytime.

Final Words

I hope that all the benefits are well-explained and that I gave you enough reasons to think about buying a generator for your mobile auto detailing business. Even if you’re just a hobby detailer like me, it will still be beneficial. 

I know that buying a generator isn’t a piece of cake since they tends to cost a lot of money, but it’s an excellent investment for any detailing business. Once you buy it, you’re probably good to go for ten years with it, especially if you use it occasionally.  

Also, all these benefits don’t mean that you should always use your generator when detailing vehicles. Still, they give you more opportunities to detail more cars, regardless of the working environment.

If you already considered buying a generator but aren’t sure what size you should buy, check my guide for choosing the right generator for mobile detailing.

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