5 Best Ceramic Coatings For Wheels

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best wheel ceramic coatings

Everyone talks about ceramic coating the car’s paint, but not many people talk about the dirtiest part of every vehicle – the wheels. To keep your wheels shiny and easy to clean, you should consider applying a ceramic coating to them. Here I’m bringing you the five best ceramic coatings for wheels.

Editor’s Choice

Gyeon Q2 Rim Ceramic Coating

Gyeon is the best overall ceramic coating for wheels you can get on the market. I highly suggest it to everyone.



Ease of application

Best Kit

Adam’s Wheel Ceramic Kit

Adam’s Wheel Ceramic Kit is fantastic if you’re looking for an all-in-one package that has everything you need.



Ease of application

Best Budget

Drexler Wheel Ceramic Coating

Drexler Wheel Coat is the best choice for people looking for an affordable ceramic coating for wheels.



Ease of application

Not many companies started producing specialized ceramic coatings for wheels, but luckily, the ones that did make fantastic products, and you won’t need anything else besides the coatings on this list.

What’s The Best Ceramic Coating For Wheels?

Here’s my recommendation for the best wheel ceramic coatings.

1. GYEON Quartz Rim Coating

gyeon wheel ceramic coating

Gyeon Quartz Rim Coating (check price now) is my number 1 recommendation if you’re looking for high-quality ceramic coating for wheels. It works on all types of wheels and rims, regardless of material. You can even use it for protecting brake calipers and exhaust systems.

Gyeon Q2 Rim keeps its protective properties even at temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius (1472 degrees Fahrenheit).

Wheels that have this wheel ceramic coating applied are much easier to clean and maintain. This coating prevents brake dust buildup and is highly resistant to products such as wheel cleaners and iron removers, which in the end, prolong its longevity. With proper washing techniques, you can expect this product to last 12 months or 30,000 km (18,600 miles).


  • The best ceramic coating for wheels
  • Works on all types of rims and wheels
  • It can be used on exhaust systems and brake calipers


  • Some people complained that they received old products that don’t work as expected

2. Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour Ceramic Coating

gtechnig c5 wheel armour ceramic coating

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour (check price now) is another fantastic ceramic coating for wheels, which is pretty affordable when compared to other options. With its durability of up to 2 years, it should outlast most other ceramic coatings (at least according to the manufacturer). However, you should expect it to last only up to 1 year.

It’s suitable for use on all types of wheels and rims, and you can also use the product on exhaust tips and brake calipers. When it comes to temperature resistance, C5 Wheel Armour can only withhold up to 600 degrees Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit) – and even though it’s still a high number, Gyeon offers much better temperature resistance.


  • Great longevity, according to the manufacturer (2 years)
  • Easy to apply
  • You can choose either 15ml or 30ml, which is great if you don’t need the whole 30ml bottle.


  • The price seems fair at first, but it’s for a 15ml bottle only. 30ml bottle is more expensive than most products on the list.

3. Carpro Cquartz Dlux Wheel and Trim Ceramic Coating

Carpro wheel and trim ceramic coating

Carpro Wheel and Trim Ceramic Coating (check price now) is the most versatile product on this list. It can be used on all types of wheels and rims, vinyl, rubber, plastics, and brake calipers. And not only it protects them, but it also brings back the shine of faded plastic, vinyl, and rubber.

With this product, you’ll get a fantastic gloss effect, and the dirt, dust, brake dust, and other contaminants will be much easier to clean. You can expect this product to last up to 1 year.


  • Excellent product if you want to improve the shine of your wheels
  • It can be used on various materials
  • Great hydrophobic properties


  • Some people complained about water spots appearing very easily after the rain

4. Adam’s UV Tracer Ceramic Wheel Coating All-In-One Kit

adams ceramic wheel coating kit

Adam’s Ceramic Wheel Coating (check price now) is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one kit, so you don’t need to buy separate products to prepare your wheels for ceramic coating application. This kit includes everything you need: microfiber towels, an applicator, a surface preparation product, ceramic coating, and also a ceramic booster to increase the longevity of the product.

A very interesting thing about this product is that you can use any UV flashlight to check whether the coating has been applied to a specific location or not. In my opinion, that’s a great feature that beginners will love.

Adam’s claim this product to last more than 6 years, but in my opinion – it’s a gimmick. Don’t expect more than 2 years, even with regular maintenance and ceramic booster application here and there.


  • Fantastic all-in-one kit
  • The longest durability (According to the manufacturer, but keep it with a grain of salt)
  • UV reactive


  • Not as good as marketed

5. Drexler Ceramic Wheel Coat

drexler ceramic wheel coating

Drexler Ceramic Wheel Coat (check price now) is a fantastic choice if you’re on a really tight budget. It’s the cheapest product on this list, and it still offers a high amount of protection.

One thing important to mention is that it won’t provide so much gloss as other products on this list, and it should be used on wheels and rims only, not on exhaust tips or brake calipers like other wheel ceramic coatings.

The biggest downside is that it doesn’t come with proper instructions, and the cotton applicators are very low-quality. So, if you’re going to buy this one, make sure to know the proper way of ceramic coating application, and also buy some high-quality applicators.


  • Best if you’re on a tight budget
  • Lasts up to 2 years
  • Fantastic water-repellency properties


  • Not as versatile as other products
  • You should apply two coats if you want to get marketed results

FAQ on Wheel Ceramic Coatings

Why should I ceramic coat wheels on my car?

Ceramic coating is a form of paint protection that lasts the longest, and if you want the ultimate protection for your wheels, you should apply ceramic coating to them. That way, all the dirt, debris, brake dust, and other contaminants won’t stick to the wheels, making them easier to clean and maintain.

How long do ceramic coated wheels last?

Most ceramic coatings for wheels last up to one year. However, some manufacturers claim up to 6 years of durability, which is extremely hard to achieve. To conclude, expect them to last one to two years max.

What’s the cost of coating the wheels with ceramic coating?

If you do the ceramic coating application by yourself, you’ll be able to do it for ca. $50. However, if you’ll pay a professional car detailer to do the job, expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $300.

Is wheel ceramic coating worth the money?

Wheel ceramic coatings are worth every penny, especially for the front wheels since they get dirty very quickly, and cleaning brake dust is pretty hard sometimes. With ceramic coating applied, most of the time, you won’t even need a brush to clean the wheels – so it’s worth it.

Can I use a ceramic coating on all types of wheels?

Wheel ceramic coatings can be used on all types of wheels: aluminum, steel, as well as any other material. Also, you can use ceramic coatings on polished, matte, and satin wheels. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

How to maintain ceramic-coated wheels for better longevity?

Regularly wash your wheels with a mild wheel cleaner or car dedicated pH neutral shampoo, and over time, apply ceramic boosters over. That way, you’ll get the most out of wheel ceramic coatings.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic coating your wheels is a fantastic idea, especially if you’re a car lover like me. All five ceramic coatings for wheels in the list are fantastic, and you can’t make a mistake by choosing any of them. However, I highly suggest you buy the Gyeon one since I had the best experience with it.

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