Is Ceramic Coating Worth Your Money? Should You Get It?

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Since ceramic coatings are such expensive paint protection for cars, people often wonder if they’re even worth the money. I’ll share with you an unprejudiced glance at the truth of ceramic coating and assist you in deciding whether it’s worth it for you specifically. We should slice through the promotion hype and look at the reality.

Ceramic coating is undoubtedly worth your money if you want to provide the best and longest-lasting paint protection for your car. 

It gives added assurance against contaminants and minor scratches, making the vehicle much simpler to tidy up. Coatings are not for each vehicle or owner, though. It truly boils down to how you utilize and care for it.

Some of the installers and coating manufacturers like to make intense statements about what these items are supposed to do. They need you to accept that they are an ideal solution to safeguard your car’s paint. This is one situation where marketing tactics do not agree with the real world.

There are loads of myths being spread by individuals who do not see how coatings work or how they should be maintained.

To settle on a good choice of whether to coat your vehicle, you need to adjust the perspectives from the individuals that sell and install them with impartial, professional experience. This is where I am hoping to help.

Ceramic Coating: What is it, and what does it do?

A ceramic coating is a fluid polymer that bonds to a vehicle’s paint at an atomic level. Consequently, it adds an extra layer on top of your vehicle’s clear/transparent coat for added paint protection.

This attempts to shield your paint from different sources of damage, including soil, cruel climate conditions, acid from insects, UV rays, and acid rain.

Ceramic coatings can add to the gloss and paint shine that ordinarily lasts up to two years, if not longer.

The Cost of Ceramic Coating Application?

The car preparation and ceramic coating application will cost anywhere between $500 and $2000 in the USA.

Ceramic Coating itself as a product isn’t so expensive. Check out this CarPro Cquartz 50ml Kit (check the price now), which is considered one of the best ceramic coatings out there.

It’s not so expensive, right?

What Adds Up To That Cost Then?

Well, in order to apply a ceramic coating to your car, the car needs to be well prepared. Mostly, this is the process:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the car
  2. Clay bar the car paint
  3. Paint Correction (polishing, buffing)
  4. Applying the ceramic coating – takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge

So, now you see all the steps needed in order to get the high-quality ceramic coating application that will last longer and offer the best results.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Ceramic Coating

Everybody loves to discuss the potential gains of ceramic coating. I am simply going to talk about these momentarily because a short quick search will uncover huge loads of positive data that is now out there.

Remember that a large portion of the individuals sharing ceramic coating data are attempting to earn monetary benefits from your choice. Is it true that they will give you the total story? Perhaps…



  • A thorough preparation for the car is needed before applying a ceramic coating
  • It takes time, effort and knowledge to successfully apply ceramic coating to your car
  • It’s a bit pricy compared to waxes and sealants
  • The car won’t look as shiny as with carnauba waxes and some sealants

Ceramic Coating Businesses

I accept businesses thrive to make profits and be beneficial. There is nothing bad with bringing in cash. The situation for a business is to sell greater quantities of products/ services to as many individuals/ consumers as possible.

I do not think what the ‘coating businesses’ are doing here is wrong. In any case, I do think you need to comprehend what is happening to be a potential customer.

A coating business’s product offering will normally uncover something beyond coatings. They will have a lot of different items that are intended to work with your covering. The utilization of extravagant branding and names makes them desirable as a ‘coordinating set’ in the eyes of customers.

The truth of the matter is, ceramic coatings do require unique care. These organizations would adore for you to discard your present items and buy their entire product line.

I would like to say it again that I do not believe there is anything wrong with that. In case you like their items, purchase as much as you need. Remember this, however:

The clear coat on your paint is there to secure it. That is its task.

Nowadays, adding a ceramic coating on top is to ensure a transparent/clear coat.

Next, you need to secure your long-term ceramic coating with a more short-term ‘topcoat’. This topcoat should be secured with the utilization of a detail spray specific for coating.

Now to protect all this, it is suggested that you utilize the organization’s unique soap exclusive for coating. Now you are at a point where you are worried about ensuring the protection of your protection. It is evident how rapidly it goes out of hand.

The purchase of your coating may not end up being your only purchase. There is no assurance of how long your coverage will last or how well it will perform if you do not follow the suggested maintenance.

It costs to take care of your ceramic coating in a proper way.

Ceramic Coatings vs. Waxes

Waxes and sealants are protectants – they ought to consistently be the exact opposite thing you apply to your vehicle’s paint.

How often you should get it truly relies upon the kind of driving and the consequences your vehicle’s paint face. With wax, generally, the ideal rule is 1-1.5 months for general-use vehicles that are covered or just left parked.

You will need to add to the frequency if you live in a territory with excessively harsh climate conditions or if the vehicle spends a greater part of energy left out in the elements.

Length of protection and durability is where a ceramic coating is meant to stand. It can rely upon the sort of covering you pick and the conditions your vehicle or truck lives in, yet we regularly see 3-4 months of assurance from a covering like Radiant!

That is more than twofold the measure of time when contrasted with wax. A few coatings even brag long periods of paint assurance, yet those can be somewhat harder to apply, and I would propose counseling an expert on the possible routes of your decision.

Despite the type of paint protection you utilize, emphasize that durability will fluctuate depending upon your particular storage conditions and the climate your vehicle lives in.

Which Is Better?

Indeed, it is really up to individual choice and preference. When I get asked, my first reaction is ordinarily, “How is the vehicle utilized?”

Wax can be a great choice in situations where you are heading towards a car show or a photo shoot. It will give a warm gleam and depth to your vehicle’s painted surfaces and protects over a decent time frame.

You should consider changing to ceramic coatings for your protection needs in situations where the vehicle is your daily preferred driver, counters most of the time on the road, or perhaps gets left outside the majority of the day while you are working.

Considering the convenience, it provides in comparison to the minimal need for maintenance makes it a clear and perfect choice for vehicles that are driven consistently.

Using or Layering Wax and Ceramic Coating Together

The simple answer is. Obviously, you can. You could lay the ceramic-based protectant down first, give it some time to settle down, and apply a wax afterward.

Nonetheless, it is only a rare and occasional suggestion. It is somewhat excessive, and the ideal situation is to protect your vehicle with a reduced amount of effort and time.

Also, ceramic-based protectants are smooth to such an extent that once they fix the wax, they will experience difficulty sticking to the surface.

Eventually, it is convenient to consider wax and ceramic coatings as two unique streets that lead to a similar objective. Various materials play out a similar assignment: secure your vehicle’s outside surfaces.

Both give a sacrificial layer that is expected to shield your vehicle’s surface from exposure to the sun, environmental contamination, and moisture.

Wax is old, can be considered a winding 2-path street that leads into town and ceramic is the new, 6-path wide expressway that gets you there in a fraction of the time.


Eventually, the response to ‘Is it worth getting a ceramic coating?’ relies upon the sort of car owner you are.

In case you are a student utilizing a used car for commuting purposes, then there is no immediate need. However, contrary to this, if you have purchased a new vehicle or are renting with an intention to buy, then it is worth getting a ceramic coating done or at least considering it.

Guaranteeing the best quality of your car’s paint can play a huge role in the trade-in’s value, as the distinction between “Brilliant” and “Poor” condition can ordinarily go from hundreds to thousands of dollars in value addition.


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