Car Detailing Trends to Watch in 2024: Stay Ahead of the Curve

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Car detailing has never been as popular as now, but things are changing rapidly, and what’s trendy today might not be as trendy tomorrow.

In this post, I’ll show you what I think will be the emerging car detailing trends in 2024.

1. Increasing Demand For Mobile Detailing Services

mobile car detailing

It’s pretty clear that mobile detailing services have been a big hit in places like the UK and the USA. But here’s the thing: I’m betting that 2024 is going to be the year these services really take off in other countries, too.

So, let’s talk about Croatia, where I’m from. It’s not a huge country, and honestly, I never thought mobile detailing would be a thing here. But guess what? People are actually starting up their own mobile detailing businesses in the bigger cities. Sure, they might not be as slick as some of the setups in the States, but there’s real growth happening, and the quality just keeps getting better.

And it’s not just Croatia. I’ve got a hunch that lots of other countries, especially in Europe, are going to jump on this trend. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of opening your own mobile car detailing business, now’s looking like a pretty sweet time to dive in. The vibe is right, and the demand for these convenient, door-to-door services is definitely on the rise.

2. The Use of Technology In Car Detailing

dry ice

The world of car detailing is stepping into the future with two exciting technologies: laser car cleaning and dry ice cleaning. Though they might sound like they’re from a sci-fi movie, these methods are very real and poised to become more popular in 2024.

Laser car cleaning is especially intriguing. It’s mostly used for tasks like cleaning engine blocks and removing old paint. But its potential doesn’t stop there. I’ve noticed it being applied to other parts like exhausts, brakes, and even rusted wheels. The precision and effectiveness of laser cleaning are incredible, making it a promising tool for car detailers.

Cleaning with dry ice is another game-changer. Ideal for tackling extremely dirty cars, this method makes the cleaning process much simpler and more effective. It’s particularly popular for thorough cleanings of vintage cars. However, it’s still on the pricey side, which limits its use mainly to high-end detailing jobs.

Both laser cleaning and dry ice cleaning share a common drawback – they’re currently expensive with unclear ROI. But as they become more widely used, I expect to see the costs drop, making them accessible to more car detailers. These technologies are not just about cleaning better; they’re about redefining the detailing experience.

3. The Growing Trend of DIY Car Detailing

guy washing his car at home

It’s fascinating to see how DIY car detailing is gaining momentum, even though everyone seems busier these days (juggling two or three jobs is the norm, right?). But, oddly enough, there’s this growing love for sprucing up cars personally – and trust me, I totally get the appeal.

One big reason behind this DIY trend might be the rising costs of professional car detailing. Sure, it’s a demanding job and deserves every penny, but let’s be real: we’re all looking for ways to save some cash. And taking the DIY route for car detailing can be a real wallet-saver.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, I’m betting we’ll see even more people jumping into DIY car detailing. It’s not just about saving money; it’s also getting easier thanks to the increasing availability and affordability of car detailing equipment and products.

So, for those who love giving their car that personal touch of care, the future looks promising. Plus, there’s something super satisfying about stepping back and admiring a car you’ve detailed yourself, isn’t there?

4. The Growing Popularity of Ceramic Coatings

applying ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings have been around for a bit, but they’re kind of like the new kid on the block compared to the old-school car waxes and sealants – those guys have been around forever, right? But here’s the thing: ceramic coatings are really starting to catch on, and I’m pretty sure this trend is only going to grow in 2024.

The big draw with ceramic coatings is their durability and the superior protection they offer. However, the catch is the cost of professional application – it’s not exactly pocket-friendly. This is why I think spray ceramic coatings are going to be the next big thing. They’re more budget-friendly, and you can do it yourself, which is a huge plus.

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Sure, professional-grade ceramic coatings are still out there, and they’re fantastic, but they require a pro to apply them. Given the cost and the need for professional application, I don’t see them overshadowing spray ceramic coatings anytime soon. For most car owners who want that extra layer of protection without breaking the bank, spray-on options are going to be the go-to choice.

I also think a lot more people will start utilizing these ceramic coatings for glass, leather, and wheels. They’re easier to apply, even if you pick professional products.

5. The Rise of Sustainable Detailing Products and Practices

esg 2024

In a world where ‘sustainability’ is the buzzword, car detailing isn’t being left behind. There’s a noticeable shift towards eco-friendly products and practices, and it’s a trend that’s likely to gather more momentum.

Most of the changes, I believe, will be in the realm of car detailing products. This shift is particularly significant for mobile detailers and DIY enthusiasts who might not have access to advanced setups like proper water separators. Eco-friendly products are a game-changer for them, offering a more sustainable way to keep cars shining without harming the environment.

But here’s the rub: eco-friendly products often come with a higher price tag and, from what I’ve seen, they sometimes fall short in cleaning efficiency compared to their traditional counterparts. This cost and performance gap has been a barrier for many.

However, I’m optimistic about the future. I think we’re going to see more companies jumping onto the eco-friendly bandwagon, pushing for innovations that improve the effectiveness of these products while making them more affordable. By 2024 and beyond, I expect that eco-friendly car detailing products won’t just be a niche market; they’ll be a major player, offering a win-win for both the planet and car enthusiasts.

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