Should You Cover Car Scratches With Stickers?

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The idea of hiding car scratches with stickers seems like a great quick fix, but should you do it? In this post, I’ll show you why hiding car scratches with stickers isn’t the best idea and why you should avoid doing that, even for cheaper cars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stickers will hide scratches and temporarily fix the problem.
  • Scratch should still be fixed to prevent corrosion or lacquer peeling.
  • Stickers may be hard to remove once you decide to really fix the scratch.

Should You Use Stickers To Cover The Scratches?

My absolute answer is a big NO. You shouldn’t use stickers to cover scratches on your vehicle.

Especially if you have a newer car, it just won’t look nice, and there are also many risks of using the sticker on your damaged car paint.

There are some risks of using stickers or decals on your car scratches:

  • Water and moisture will still reach scratch.
  • There is a big chance of rust on your car since the paint still remains damaged.
  • With time, it will cost you even more to fix the scratch.

However, here are a few situations when using a sticker to cover the scratch may seem to be a good option:

  • You have an old car that isn’t worth fixing the scratch.
  • The scratch is in such a location that the sticker would look amazing.
  • You don’t have the money at the moment, so you need a temporary fix.
  • You found the same color car stickers to hide scratches.


  • It’s a very cheap solution to cover vehicle scratches.
  • It’s easy to stick them to your car’s paint.
  • There are plenty of different types to choose from.
  • You can choose between various sizes.
  • Some of them look amazing on cars.


  • It doesn’t fix the root problem.
  • The rust will occur underneath the sticker.
  • It’s hard to find the one that will fit the car scratch and look nice on the vehicle.

What Size of Scratches Can You Cover With Stickers?

car mickey mouse stickers

There isn’t a direct answer to this question, but the size of the scratches you can cover with stickers depends on the decal you plan to glue up to your car.

Mostly, you can cover scratches that are only a few inches long and wide. If the scratch is too big, finding a suitable sticker or decal is going to be very hard.

Scratch Repair vs. Car Stickers: The Price Tag

This is probably the first thing everybody considers. The price difference between repairing a scratch and a car sticker is very big.

Scratch Repair Price

  • Taking a car to a body shop to fix your tiny car scratch can be very expensive. Check out this survey about the average scratch repair price. Do you see the picture of a scratch? 
  • It’s a pretty small scratch, and yet the repair costs anywhere from $300 to more than $1,100. So, this is probably the reason you are considering buying a funny car sticker and getting “rid” of your scratch.
  • But it also depends on the type of the scratch. Most scratches tend to be tiny scratches that can be fixed by simply polishing your car. And those fixes aren’t expensive, and you can DIY as well.

Car Stickers Price

  • Car stickers and decals tend to be very cheap, and you can find them on Redbubble for a few bucks. However, if you want some large decals on your car, of course, you will pay more.
  • Mostly, car stickers cost anywhere from $4 to $20. For instance, check this funny car sticker on Amazon.
Jackey Awesome® 1 X Peeking Monster Scary Eyes Car Decal/Sticker for Laptop Ipad Window Wall Car...

Where To Buy Car Stickers?

car covered in stickers to hide scratches

There are plenty of shops where you can get car stickers. However, I think the two best places to check for car stickers are Amazon and Redbubble.

Usually, on Amazon, they will cost you more. I would choose Redbubble over Amazon since you have more designs to choose from, the price is cheaper, and they are built with very durable and high-quality materials.

You can check stickers on RedBubble by clicking here. It will take you directly to the stickers page.


Well, this was a quick article and easy to explain (I hope so). As I already said, it’s not the best option, and you should always choose to fix your car instead of hiding your scratches with some stickers.

However, if you still want to put a sticker on your scratches, here is a guide on How To Put a Sticker To Your Car.

My advice to all of you is you should never put a sticker on your scratches! It can’t become better, only worse.

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