How To Reduce Dust In Car Interior?

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If your car is becoming dusty just a few days after you cleaned it, you might be doing something wrong. In this post, I’ll show you six tips that you should implement in your daily routine to prevent dust in your car’s interior.

Key Takeaways:

  • A filthy cabin filter is one of the most common reasons why your car might be dusty all the time.
  • Air vents tend to keep a lot of dust and shall be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.
  • When driving through dusty areas, don’t forget to turn on recirculation.
  • Anti-static interior dressings prevent dust from sticking onto the surface so easily.

Replace The Cabin Filter More Often

The main thing that will prevent dust from entering your car’s interior is the cabin filter. Its purpose is to filter the air that comes into the vehicle through AC and heating systems.

Depending on where you live and how much you use AC, heating, and ventilation in your car, you should replace cabin filters regularly. Many people neglect it and change the cabin filter every 2-3 years.

In my opinion, you should replace the cabin filter whenever you’re doing a minor car service, which should be at least once a year. Personally, I replace my cabin filter every 10,000km, which is every 8-10 months, when I usually do the oil change and other basic car service things.

Cabin filters are extremely cheap, and not only they’re important to prevent dust from the car interior, but they’re also extremely important for your health inside the car. So, add $20 to the basic car service and always replace the cabin filter.

Keep Car Windows Closed On Windy Days

It’s a great thing to leave car windows slightly open during hot summer days. It’s also beneficial if you want to ventilate your car during the day. However, there’s one big disadvantage of leaving your car windows open, especially during windy days.

The wind carries dirt particles, dust, and all other contaminants, and if car windows are opened, they all will end up in the car interior.

Just like you close car windows before the rain, you should do the same thing when it becomes windy out there. That way, you can prevent all the dust from entering your vehicle.

Personally, I like to keep my windows slightly open as much as possible on sunny days, but as soon as the wind starts, I roll them up. Of course, you can never know exactly when the wind will start, but if there’s an indication that the day will be windy (weather forecast), don’t leave them open.

Clean Air Vents Thoroughly

There’s no purpose in cleaning a car interior if you won’t clean air vents. Air vents are usually full of dust, and if you don’t clean them when maintaining your vehicle, as soon as you turn the ventilation on, they’ll push all the dust inside your car.

Many people have problems cleaning air vents, and that’s why I wrote you a thorough guide on cleaning air vents in cars. All the steps in the article are extremely straightforward and easy to follow. Once you learn the technique, you’ll clean air vents like a pro.

At least, you could use an air compressor to blow out the dust from ventilation ports. That’s an alternative to thoroughly cleaning them.

Regularly Clean Your Vehicle

Just as with air vents, the dust sits everywhere in your vehicle, and if you don’t regularly clean it, it’ll enter all the cracks and crevices, which may be harder to clean later on.

It’s much easier to keep a clean car cleaner than it’s to clean a dirty car every time. It takes less than 5 minutes to vacuum a car if it’s not too dirty. For that, I like to use handheld car vacuums.

I like to quickly vacuum my car weekly. It only takes a few minutes, but it helps me to keep my car clean all the time. Once a month, I do a thorough car interior cleaning, and then I pay attention to the smallest details, which helps me to keep the dust away as much as possible.

Apply Anti-Static Interior Dressings

There are thousands of different interior dressings out there, and while many of them look great, they’ll just attract more dirt and dust to surfaces. High-quality interior dressings will always be anti-static, which means that they’ll prevent the dust from sticking to areas where these dressings are applied.

One of the best anti-static car interior dressings out there is 303 Automotive Protectant, which I highly recommend to all of you guys. It doesn’t leave the unnatural shiny finish as some other products do, which is fantastic. After application, the car interior trim will look like a new one.

Cheap dressings usually attract dust, and they’re extremely sticky. The type of products you should generally avoid are those cheap “cockpit spray” cans that promise you a nice smell and high gloss. They’re usually very low-quality, and all the dust will stick to them.

Turn On Recirculation Through Dirty Areas

recirculation button

Another thing that’s extremely important for all of you who live by dirt roads is to turn on the recirculation button on your air conditioning system. Some older cars didn’t have that option, but nowadays, all cars have it.

The main purpose of the recirculation button is to prevent bad smells from the environment from entering your vehicle. Luckily, it helps to prevent dust from coming into your car, too. So, if you’re passing through some dusty area, turn the recirculation option on.

Even though the cabin filter should block all the dust, if you don’t use the recirculation option when passing through dusty areas, the cabin filter will get saturated and may even pass some dust inside the vehicle.

However, make sure not to use it all the time. It has a purpose and should only be used when it’s needed. In the end, you need fresh air to come into your car, not the one you breathe all the time.

I have already written an article about keeping a car interior clean on a dirty road, so make sure to check it out.

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