Can You Use Winter Wiper Blades In Summer?

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raining car windshield - use winter wiper blades in summer

Good soft wiper blades are one of the most important things when it comes to driving on a rainy road. I don’t know for you, but I hate to change them (even though it’s very simple). Some of them last longer, and some do not. But most people wonder if they can use winter wiper blades in summer. 

You shouldn’t use winter wiper blades in summer because they don’t wipe the rain off as well as summer wiper blades.

It would be great if we could use something like all-season wiper blades, but it’s not good. It’s similar to tires. It’s always the best option to have different tires for summer and different tires for winter.

What’s The Difference?

Well, there are a few differences between winter and summer blades. To make it easier for you, I made a nice infographic where you can see the pros and cons of each of them. 


  • Immune to low temperatures
  • Stay soft and flexible
  • Great for wiping off the snow and ice
  • Fantastic for freezing rains


  • Not as good in the rain
  • Very heavy


  • Great for wiping off the rain
  • Light frame
  • Natural rubber
  • A lighter layer of rubber


  • Get jammed with ice and snow
  • Can’t clean the freezing rain
  • Not immune to colder temperatures

If you want a more detailed answer, check this summer vs winter wiper blades article!

What If You Still Use Them During The Summer

Well, if you still want to use winter wiper blades during the summer, I have to warn you that during the rains, you won’t have the best visibility through your windshield.

I honestly suggest you change them and have both types of wiper blades. Even if you look at the price point, you will pay more at first, but they will last you more since you will change them between seasons.

When To Change Wiper Blades?

The answer to this question is very simple. When you are changing tires from winter to summer and vice versa, change the wiper blades too.

That way, you will always know when it’s time to change them, and you don’t even need to think about it. 

Bottom Line

Some of you might say that it’s just a marketing trick, but really, there are wiper blades for different seasons. 

If safety while driving is your number one goal, you will change them. It’s very important to have high-quality wiper blades made for the exact season. 

Have you ever driven during the night and rain? You know how the road reflects all the lights, and you can’t see barely anything? If you do have bad wipers, you might get in trouble. 

So, be sure to check the type of wipers you have and choose the one that suits the season. 

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