15 Best Gifts For Car Detailers and Car Lovers

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Buying gifts for specific occasions is not always easy, especially for car detailers and car lovers. To make it easier for you, I decided to write this list of the 15 best gifts for car detailers and car lovers. In this post, you’ll indeed find something interesting for your friends and family that are into car detailing. 

To make it even easier, I divided gifts into these categories:

  • Best Christmas gifts
  • Best birthday gifts
  • Best digital product gifts
  • Best gifts for women detailers
  • Best budget gifts
  • Best gifts for professionals

I think those are the most important categories, and after profound and intensive research, I have come up with some fantastic gift ideas for car detailers. 

Online shops are overfilled with thousands of products and services, and finding the best one is pretty hard. By checking out this list, I believe that I will make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift for a car detailer regardless of their sex. 

Without furder ado, let’s see the list!

Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the most memorable time of the year, and I think it deserves a specific category. Of course, it’s hard to find some gift that’s ultimately related to Christmas, but I’ve come up with two ideas that may be great gifts. 

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Care Kit

Car care kits are always a perfect gift for any car detailer, regardless of the time of the year. Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Care Kit (check the price on Amazon now) is probably the best one you can buy. However, it’s not the cheapest kit out there, which is why I put it inside the Christmas gifts category. 

This is a 19-piece car wash kit with high-quality Meguiar’s products. It has everything for washing cars and making them as shiny as possible. If the person you want to buy a present for likes to take care of their cars, this is a perfect gift. 

2. Auto Detailing Legend Hoodie

One of the best gifts you can give to some car detailer or car lover during the winter is an “auto detailing legend” hoodie (check now on Amazon). This piece of cloth may be a perfect present for someone who washes their car during cold winter days.

It’s an 80% cotton, 20% polyester shirt that’s warm and keeps the body temperature warm enough. Of course, I have chosen this design, but there are dozens of other designs that you can choose from. Also, you can choose between various colors, which is fantastic.

You could make a mistake by buying some “product” gifts such as polishers, waxes, etc. However, when purchasing a piece of apparel, I think that you can’t make a mistake. Everyone loves a new piece of clothes, especially if it’s somehow connected to their hobby or interest.

Best Birthday Gifts For Car Detailers

As always, a birthday is one of the most important days to gift someone. Car enthusiasts love to get anything related to the cars, trust me – that’s the way I am. I have come up with some ideas, which I consider excellent, but don’t limit yourself to these options. Anything related to vehicles will be a great gift. 

1. ”I’m a Detailer” Throw Pillow

If you’re limited with financial resources, this might be the best birthday gift for someone you love (if they’re into car detailing). This throw pillow (check the price on Amazon now) is a beautiful non-expensive piece of cloth that may beautify any space, such as a car, men’s cages, living room, etc., wherever your loved one wants it to be. 

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done” is a well-known phrase in the auto detailing community, which represents the amount of work and time car detailers are willing to spend to achieve perfect results. 

2. Trunk Organizer With Covering Net

A trunk organizer is a must-have for every auto detailing enthusiast who wants to bring all the essential car detailing products wherever he goes. This trunk organizer (check the price on Amazon now) comes with a covering net, attachable non-slip pads, and stainless hooks. That way, everything inside will be fixed and won’t fly all over the trunk when someone drives the car. 

It also has removable dividers, which is extremely important for car lovers to fit every type of auto detailing product inside. With just one trunk organizer like this, you can store everything you need to wash the car (of course, when we’re talking about in-between washes). 

I own something similar, and it’s fantastic. Usually, I keep a few microfiber clothes there, some quick detailer spray, APC, cordless hand vacuum, and interior protectant. It’s perfect for keeping my car shiny and clean all the time. 

The most important thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of your trunk space so that you’ll have enough place to store other items in your trunk. 

3. Bissel SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

This is probably the best gift in this category that you can give to some car enthusiast. Of course, if they don’t already have something similar. This Bissel SpotClean ProHeat Portable (check the price on Amazon now) is the best budget carpet extractor out there and will easily clean any dirt from car carpets and seats. 

Paying someone to deep clean your car is expensive, and by having something like this, every car detailer/lover will save some money in the future. The most important thing – they’ll always be able to clean some new stains in car carpets or seats immediately. 

Many professionals still use this Bissel carpet extractor because it’s tiny but very effective at cleaning stains. That’s mainly because this is a heated version, which is much better than the Bissel carpet extractor’s standard “non-heated” version. If you decide to buy something similar, always choose the heated version since it removes all the stains much quicker.

Best Digital Gifts For Car Enthusiasts

In the digital world that we live in today, I couldn’t make any gift list without implementing some great online courses for car detailers and car lovers. If you want to gift someone, an online course is a perfect way to do it. 

I have found two fantastic courses that will help car lovers to increase their knowledge about detailing vehicles and some essential maintenance. So, make sure to check it out. Maybe even you could buy something like this for yourself.

1. Car Detailing Fundamentals Online Course

The car detailing fundamentals online course (check more information now) is probably the best gift for someone who just bought their first car or is new to the auto detailing world. In this online course, they’ll be able to learn everything necessary to detail the vehicle correctly. 

Interior to the exterior, everything’s well covered. Also, upon finishing the course and passing the test, a student will receive a certificate, which is incredible. 

The course’s creator is Jon Delieu, and he says that this course is both for beginners and professionals. He’s been into car detailing for more than five years and runs a successful Youtube channel. So, he knows what he talks about. 

You can buy the course through the International Open Academy platform (check the link above), where you also have many other courses available. However, if you’re gifting it to someone, make sure to let them register so that they can receive a valid certificate after finishing the course. 

2. Car Maintenance Course

The car maintenance course (check it here) is for everyone who’s into cars. Even if you’re not some crazy car lover like me, knowing the basics about maintaining vehicles is essential. I know many people who don’t know a thing about cars, and auto mechanics are often ripping them off. That’s only because of the lack of knowledge about vehicles. 

This can be a perfect gift for literally anyone who owns a car and is an excellent choice if you don’t know what else to donate. Just as with the previous course, you (or the one you buy this for) will get a certificate after finishing the course and passing the test. That’s awesome, maybe even for some job interview. 

After finishing this online course, some people might even get a will to continue increasing their knowledge of the car industry, which is fantastic for some teens, especially if they’re already somehow interested in vehicles.

Students of this course will learn the following:

  • Understanding cars and engines
  • Basic car maintenance such as changing tires, wipers, oil, filters, etc.
  • Advanced maintenance: fuses, fluids, etc. 
  • Keeping the car well-conditioned, and much more.

Best Gift For Women Detailers

I couldn’t make this list without creating a specific category for all the hardworking women auto detailers out there. I follow some of them on social media, and they’re really doing a fantastic job. Maybe that’s just because they’re more detailed than us guys (in general). I won’t put many products here since the products are the same for both males and females, but here are some fantastic customized products that may be unique gifts for girl car enthusiasts. 

1. Pink Car Cleaning Kit: 31 Pieces

This car cleaning kit by HLWDFLZ (check the price on Amazon now) is one of the most exciting gifts you can give to some woman who likes to keep her car clean. It’s pinky which is a lovely color for girls, and I think you can’t make a mistake with this one. 

The cleaning kit contains: a storage bag, different sizes of brushes, wash mitt, and a few microfiber towels for drying and cleaning, wax apply sponges, etc. In total, there are 31 pieces of equipment in the kit. This kit has everything to wash a car, except the shampoo and a bucket, which isn’t a problem, I think. 

The thing I like the most about this kit is the fantastic storage bag, which makes it possible to bring all the equipment anywhere without taking much of trunk space. 

2. Pink Vinyl Disposable Gloves Large 50 Pack

This Pink Vinyl Disposable Gloves Pack (check the price on Amazon now) is the perfect gift for girls who clean their cars, especially if you combine it with something else. For instance, it’s great to combine with the pink car cleaning kit that I mentioned above. 

As we all know, women’s hands are more sensitive and require better protection from harsh auto detailing chemicals and the dirt inside the car. In my article safety gear for car detailers, I explained why you should always wear gloves when working with vehicles. Wearing those gloves will prevent hands from injuries and dry skin. 

There are many other similar items at Amazon, but I decided to choose these gloves because they’re very thick and resistant to various chemicals used for detailing vehicles. In the pack, you will get 50 gloves, and you can choose between Medium, Large, and Extra Large size so that it fits everyone.

Best Budget Gifts

It won’t be me if I don’t find some gifts you can buy even if you’re on a tight budget. They may not be expensive, but I’m sure that every car lover will appreciate those gifts. So, let’s check them out.

1. Gobeigo Pet Hair Remover

If you ever tried to vacuum pet hair from car carpets, you know what a struggle is it. Luckily, Gobeigo Pet Hair Remover (check the price on Amazon now) is a fantastic product that helps you remove all the pet hair from your car quickly. 

As you can see, it has a different type of rubber on three sides, making it adaptive to each situation/material. You can clean car seats, car carpets, house carpets, and much more with it. 

If you need a gift idea for someone who enjoys cleaning cars, doing it professionally, or even just having a pet – this is a fantastic choice. 

2. Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towels

There’s one thing that can never be too many in the auto detailing world, and that is microfiber towels. These 16×16 inch Chemical Guys Microfiber Towels (check the price on Amazon now) are high-quality mf towels widely used in the auto detailing world. We use them for various things, and it’s always great to have some spare towels aside. 

If you don’t know what to buy for some car enthusiast, buy a pack of microfiber towels. I’ve got plenty of them, and yet I always buy more when I see them at a discount.

The pack contains 12 lint-free gold microfiber towels that are great for applying waxes, cleaning the inside of the car, protecting the dashboard, seats, and much more. Also, you can even choose the larger pack on Amazon, so make sure to check it out on the link above. 

3. KMSCO Car Air Fresheners

KMSCO Car Air Fresheners (check the price on Amazon) is another perfect budget-friendly gift idea to buy for someone you love. It’s an 8 piece set of various air fresheners, and you also get a clip to mount them onto the ventilation ports inside the car. 

I like them a lot because the clip is designed well and may only improve the look of the vehicle’s inside. Also, there will be no leakage problems as with typical liquid air fresheners since there’s no actual fluid inside. 

The best thing about these fresheners is that they’ll last longer, and the scent is evenly distributed across the car. After the freshener loses its aroma, you can easily replace it with another one in less than a minute. 

These fresheners are the most budget-friendly present in this list, yet they’ll be interesting for any car lover.

Best Gifts For Professional Car Detailers

I deeply researched both auto detailing communities and the car detailing market, and I realized there are a few things many people need but don’t always buy. So, let’s check out the last three products on this long list! If you know someone who’s a professional car detailer, and you want to buy them a gift, you should be pretty picky and purchase something they really need.

1. Pro-Lift Creeper Seat

I would say that a creeper seat is one of the most important things for anyone who’s doing paint correction (polishing, compounding). This Pro-Lift Creeper Seat (check the price on Amazon now) may be a perfect gift for some professional car detailers, especially if they have back problems. 

The Pro-Lift creeper seat can be used both for sitting and laying on it, making it a perfect gift for car detailers, car mechanics, and everyone who likes working on the car. 

Its capacity is 300lbs, which is more than enough for 99% of the people. With that said, the weight won’t be a problem. Creeper seats are perfect for long work sessions, where you need support for your legs so that you can work longer. They’re the best for car polishing and compounding jobs since it’s almost impossible to do them without a chair. 

I’m 100% sure that everyone will appreciate this gift a lot. Even the price of this product is acceptable and isn’t high. So, if you want to surprise some professional car detailer, and you don’t have plenty of money to spend, think about this creeper seat.

2. SPTA Cordless Mini Car Polisher

Having a high-quality polisher is crucial if you want to achieve great polishing results. Since many people only have larger polishers, I consider this SPTA Cordless Mini Car Polisher (check the price on Amazon now) a perfect gift for any professional car detailer.

Mini car polishers are extremely important for those tiny areas such as door handles, around car plates, and any other sensitive areas where you need to be very concentrated and sensitive. 

Also, the polisher comes with all the equipment needed for paint correction (polish machine, batteries, and many different polishing pads), so they won’t have to buy anything else to start using this mini polisher.

This is the most expensive product on this list, but it’s a high-quality one that professionals can use without any problems. If you know a professional car detailer that doesn’t have a mini polisher, perfect, you know what to buy for them.

3. Rupes LL150 LED Penlight

Having a high-quality led light is essential for every car detailer that does paint correction and protection jobs. This Rupes LL150 LED Penlight (check the price on Amazon now) may be a perfect gift for any car enthusiast, mainly because it’s so tiny that it fits every pocket.

Why is having a high-quality LED penlight important? Well, regardless of the time of the day, you can check any car paint for various defects such as swirl marks and scratches. Even better, you can do it anywhere since it’s a pocket flashlight that fits in every pocket.

It’s a small present, but it’s a very worthy piece of equipment for car detailers. If you gift it to someone, they’ll be very thankful to you. Also, this penlight isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s the best one out there. Don’t fall for tricks and buy some $10 LED penlight. It just won’t show swirl marks and scratches like this one. 

Final Words

It’s hard to find perfect gift ideas, especially for car detailers and enthusiasts. However, I did a great job researching, detailing communities and online markets to find the best and most exciting presents you can buy for someone. 

I hope that you’ll find something interesting on this long list so that you can surprise your friend, husband, wife, or anyone else who you want to buy a gift for. 

Also, there are many other products that I could recommend, but these are the exciting ones in my opinion. If you didn’t find a perfect gift in this article, make sure to check these articles too:

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