9 Reasons Why Car Detailing Is Great For Your Vehicle

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Detailing your car has many advantages, and in today’s post, I’m going to show you 9 best reasons why car detailing is great for your vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle you have: car, van, motorcycle, etc. It’s always a smart decision to detail it.

Car detailing, or auto detailing is a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of a vehicle’s interior and exterior using special tools and products. However, this doesn’t include any paintwork or body repairs.

Car detailing can be done by yourself (DIY) or by a specialized person. Whichever of those two options you choose, it can’t be bad for your car. However, if you don’t know anything about car detailing then the best option is to take your vehicle to a car detailing service.

However, some basic car detailing isn’t hard and doesn’t require a lot of special tools or products, so people often detail their car at home. On this site, I try to save you guys a lot of money and give you advice to detail your car without expensive tools and equipment.

Without furder ado, let’s see the reasons why you should give your car a nice detailing work.

Reasons To Detail Your Car

As I already said, there are plenty of reasons to detail your car, but I’m bringing you the most important ones that you won’t be able to resist once when you read them 🙂

1. Protecting The Car From External Conditions

car detailing protects from weather conditions

This is the most important reason for detailing your car. Before anything else, the main purpose of car detailing should be to protect the car from various external conditions and elements.

UV-rays, Sun, Rain, Snow, Dust, Grime, Salt, and other elements are destroying your vehicles day by day.

Detailing your car and giving it some wax, nano-coating or sealant will protect your car paint from those elements and prevent paint failures and damages. 

These elements are also damaging the car’s interior such as the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, etc. Detailing a car interior protects them as well. For the car interior, probably the worst thing is UV-rays from the Sun.

Have you ever seen oxidized car paint? I bet you did, and it looks awful. Mostly, it happens on the older cars that had a single-stage paint. However, paint oxidation is very often on newer cars as well.

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Why? Well, the answer is easy. The lack of protection and external conditions and elements are the main reason. If a car is often detailed, there is less chance that some paint damage will occur due to external conditions and elements.

2. Keeping The Car In “New” Condition

Why do we clean so many things in our houses? Well, to keep them in a new condition as long as possible. I remember the good old days when we had the foil on our remote control. It’s still funny for me, but that remote control looked like new even a few years after.

Keeping the car “new” is a bit different. We can’t put some protective foil. We have to clean and maintain it to keep the good condition of the car.

Because of the external conditions and elements (human-based or not) that I mentioned earlier, your car will look older and older if you don’t maintain it.

Detailing a car will keep the new-looking car condition for a long time. If you are a car lover like me, there is nothing prettier than seeing a 30-year-old car that looks shiny and new. 

Also, there is no worse thing than seeing a 5-year-old car that looks dirty and neglected.

3. Easier to Maintain and Clean

We’ve all been in situations when you just don’t want to clean something because it’s too dirty. While I was in my teenage years, I remember my room. For a few weeks, I would delay the cleaning of my room because it was messy.

But once you clean it, even if it’s a lot of work – it’s easier to maintain it. That was in my situation.

The same thing happens to us when it comes to cars. If you neglect your car for too long, the desire to clean the car is getting smaller and smaller.

But once the car is clean, something is always pushing you to clean it again and to maintain it. It’s much easier to clean an already “clean” car than the dirty messy car.

Detailing your car will get it to the highest level of “clean” and you will want your car to always look that shiny and clean. 

If your car is clean, and the dashboard gets dirty, it’s not a problem to clean just the dashboard.

Why? Because you know that it’s just 10 minutes of your time (maybe even less) and that the rest of the car is good enough.

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4. Healthy and Comfortable Ride

clean vs dirty car interior, car detailing planet

Let me ask you a quick question. In which of these 2 cars would you feel more comfortable? 

The right one, yes? It’s obvious. Not only it’s more comfortable, but the right one is probably healthier.

Back in the day when I was still driving my father’s car, I would clean it every few days. My dad wasn’t interested so much in driving a clean car so he always left it messy. 

As a young boy, it was so uncomfortable for me to drive such a messy car, so I would clean it whenever I needed it. I remember that the ashtray has always been full of cigarettes.

 Why did I clean that car so much? Well, because I wanted to feel more comfortable when driving. 

Do you like sitting in your living room and watching a TV while it’s messy, or you like it more when it’s clean? The same is for the car. It’s just more comfortable and when the car is clean, it lets you enjoy your ride.

What about health?

Well, you know that there are millions of bacteria everywhere. Especially in our car. If we neglect our cars for too long, it’s just unhealthy to drive such a car. 

Together with bacteria, there is often moisture, pet hairs, mud, dust, grime, etc. 

By detailing your car, you will successfully remove most of those bad unhealthy things from your car. That way your car will become a healthier place and there won’t be a problem to drive anyone in there (kids, parents, friends, etc.).

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5. The Perfect Shine of Car Paint

black ford mustang with shiny paint

I live in a very touristic city. It’s the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia (King’s Landing – if you watched Game of Thrones). And what I like during the summer is seeing so many cars with the perfect color shine. 

Especially if they are black, it just looks amazing. 

With the typical car wash, the perfect shine is really hard to achieve and even harder to maintain it. Yes, there are some wash soaps with waxes inside, but without a proper detailing the car, you will never get that incredible shine.

Not only you will get a perfect shine, but with the car detailing you will also protect the car paint so that shine will stay on the car much longer than usual.

Proper polishing and waxing the car paint will make it to mirror everything around it. I think that every car deserves to be like that. Even though it’s more of personal satisfaction, still, it should be done. 

When the car perfectly shines, that also means that there are probably some high-quality protective layers (seals, wax, nano-coating, etc.) on them. So, it will also help to protect the car paint from the outside elements and rust.

6. Fixing Minor Scratches and Swirls

car wash service with brushes, car detailing planet

As I said above, car detailing doesn’t include body repairs and paintworks. However, since car detailing includes polishing, compounding, etc. It will help to fix some minor scratches and swirls.

We all have minor scratches, it can be from anything (even the grass, twigs, etc.). Also, most of us have swirls on our cars, and mostly they come from improper car washing.

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Improper car washing often happens on automatic car washes, they are just a death sentence to the car paint. Those big hard brushes who scratch your car are the worst thing you can give to the car paint. (see the image above)

7. Wheels, Tires, and Headlights

Wheels and tires are often the dirtiest parts of your car. Neglecting to clean them is very bad for your car.

Wheels will get so dirty with oil mixed with dust and grime that it’ll be almost impossible to clean them. If you let that brake dust stays on the wheel for too long, it will eat into the coating and pit the metal. 

Tires are susceptible to external conditions and elements, especially of the sun UV-rays. Washing the tires and spreading some protective tire dressing such as this GYEON Q2 Tire Dressing (CHECK MY REVIEW) will protect your tires. That way tires will last much longer, and you will have a safer ride because of the good condition of the tires.

Here’s a great article on How to clean extremely dirty wheels and tires.

Headlights are one of the most important things when it comes to driving during the night. I see cars with dimmed headlights on an everyday basis. The thing that scares me is that nobody cares about dimmed headlights. 

The dimmed headlights can be very dangerous if not fixed. The dimmed headlights give you far less visibility than the normal clean headlights. 

As I said, car detailing often offers some polishing and sealing, which will remove that dim (cloudy look) from your headlights and restore the factory look. That factory look is what you must have in order to get the best visibility.

8. Personal Satisfaction

Besides all the important reasons for car detailing, one thing stands out a lot – personal satisfaction.

Many people just like to keep their car as clean as possible, together with perfect shine and gloss.

Whenever you see some tuned older car, chances that it’s detailed and in perfect conditions are very high. Car lovers just like when their car looks perfect. 

You know, it’s similar to all of us. You are always proud of yourself when you have so perfectly clean and shiny car. Don’t know why, but it’s like a pride.

The feeling that you’re taking care of your car and that it’s in perfect condition is really amazing. I see that a lot with motorcycle owners.

9. Higher Price When Selling

No doubt, a well-maintained car will reach a higher price when selling. Not only you’ll get more money for your car, but you will sell it much quicker.

Just put yourself in the position of a buyer. Would you rather choose some average car with few dirt marks on the seats, some minor scratches, and swirls, or would you rather give a few hundreds of $ more for a perfectly clean, shiny, and maintained car?

What I also see is that if people are taking a lot of care about car look, there is a bigger chance that they also take care of mechanical parts.

So, usually, often detailed cars are in better shape (condition) overall. 

One thing binds another, and if you take so much care of the look of your car, you will also take care of the mechanical parts and driving abilities. 

9 Reasons Why Car Detailing Is Grea...
9 Reasons Why Car Detailing Is Great For Your Vehicle

Car Detailing Is ADDICTIVE

Well, these 9 reasons are the most important reasons why you should detail your car. The first 7 reasons are important for the car, and the last 2 reasons are important for yourself.

Car detailing is an addictive thing. Once you start to detail your car, there is no return. And that’s not a bad thing – it’s great.

When detailing a car, you get some discipline to notice even the smallest things that need to be cleaned or repaired.

No matter if you choose to DIY and detail your car on your own, or you pay for it – you will like all the detailed parts, and take more care of your vehicle in the future.

I remember that a few times I would just take the keys from my friend’s BMW and go to wash it quickly. I can’t look at great cars with so much dust and dirt on them. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the way it is.

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